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Netflix Night: Blood, gold and Nazi hunting in Tarantino’s worthy war film

What is it about?

At the end of World War II, a German deserter desperate to return home finds himself fighting SS troops searching for a cargo of gold.

Blood, gold and the hunt for Nazis

Available from May 26 on Netflix, Blood & Gold is the perfect entertainment night full of action, gore and second rate. Directed by Peter Thorvart, the screenwriter behind The Wave and the Netflix hit Blood Red Sky, this pulpy, almost Tarantine war film doesn’t sell the goods with its catchy title: it’s full of blood, and we’re looking. gold.


United by their common enemy, they fight and hunt down the Nazis to bring justice to their wounded families. If the SS are underfoot, it is also because a treasure of Jewish gold is hidden in the remote village of Elsa. The Nazis want to loot this gold and lay hands on the villagers.

Then begins a thrilling and bloody search for this treasure that crystallizes years of war and hatred. During this quest, multiple twists and turns follow each other at a frantic pace, until dark secrets are revealed and an epic final result.

Between murders, explosions, thunderous music and rock, Blood & Gold is a kind of efficient and entertaining spaghetti western, with neat staging and a cast that gives it their all.

The movie Blood & Gold is available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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