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The Young and the Restless preview: Monday, June 5, Friday, June 9, 2023 episode recaps [SPOILERS]

Attention, the following paragraphs contain revelations about episodes flame of love Broadcast Monday 5th June to Friday 9th June on TF1! If you don’t want to know, stop reading now!

Jack and Sally’s wedding ring

Adam continues to resist therapy. Chelsea is outraged when she learns that Sharon and Victor (Eric Braden, who has cancer) have committed the crime. The latter refuses to reveal more about her son. Meanwhile, Kyle offers Maria Summer’s job at Jabot, and she accepts.

Sally (newcomer Courtney Hope) learns from Kyle that Summer was always Lauren’s first choice for JCV leader. He worries about Theo because he thinks he should have given him this information…actually, he has more important things to do as he decides to sue Abbott to get Dinah’s property back!

Accused by William Ray

The stylist still agrees to let her know how the family will react when they find out she’s suing them… but in reality, Sally is going to repeat the whole thing to Jack and suggest they feed Theo false information!

At the same time, the investigation confirms that the bullet that hit Ushan came from a gun that belonged to William… Lily and Victoria (Amelia Heinle, who shared the best memories of the shooting with AlloCin√©) protect him. However, Victor’s daughter catches Ray’s attention when he dodges questions about his ex and Adam. Lily William invited her on a romantic date.

Sharon is furious with Nick

Devon organizes Chance and Abby’s wedding. Amanda comes to stay with Elena on Thanksgiving night so the doctor won’t be alone. At Lily’s request, Nate and Devon celebrate the holiday with the whole family, but they don’t want to make peace.

Finally, Sharon (who will have to face one of her greatest enemies again) is furious with Nick after Phyllis inadvertently reveals to her that Faith has been drinking. Meanwhile, Kyle and Summer spend the night together…

Continued in the fire of love.

Source: Allocine

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