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Quiz: Answer the question and find out what can age your brain a year in a day!

What do you think ages earlier – the brain or the body?

Any answer will be correct – it all depends on the characteristics of the person. For example, there are so-called “super old people” – older men and women whose minds do not lose their sharpness over the years – their cognitive abilities are the same as those who are 20 30 years younger.

And it’s not that the very old have won the genetic lottery – studies have shown that almost one in five people have the prerequisites for developing Alzheimer’s disease, but they bypass them anyway. .

Why does this happen? It’s all about lifestyle. There are habits that have a detrimental effect on our brain – and our test today is dedicated to them. To pass it, you must answer only one question.

What can make the brain age in one day for an entire year?


Choose an answer.

sleepless night

Two liters of sweet soda

Intense stress, such as losing a job

An overdose of pain medication

Now you know what negatively affects the brain. But how do you know what state he is in now? There is a special test for this: answer these five questions!

Source: The Voice Mag

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