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This is where it all begins: does Livio want to hurt Hortense?

Hortense’s (Katherine Davidzenka) health condition is worrying her relatives, but she seems to be happy, some people start here… TF1 (which broadcasts the series from Monday to Friday at 18:30). Just revealed in advance Unpublished extract from fiction in which Livio (Corentin Pellis) behaves strangely in comparison to his suffering comrade.

Livio VS Hortense

It’s in the dressing room and Bill (Margot Camby Aguilar) joins him. The first year congratulates him: he thinks his course was excellent. Livio thanks him as he is relieved. He knows perfectly well that the first lesson he held did not go well…

But this time Livio gained confidence and is satisfied with his performance. The conversation then turns to Hortense, who also took her first steps as a teacher at the Auguste Armand Institute recently. He asks Bill’s opinion about the methods of Mehdi’s boyfriend (Marvin Pellegrino).

Vicky’s best friend (Lou Ladegaller) discovers that Hortense has her own style and that her lessons are enjoyable. He hopes to return soon. Then Livio contradicts him: according to him, the third year is too whimsical and his ideas will displease the students. In addition, he notes that due to his condition, he will likely return to school soon…

Livio drugs Hortense?

Unfortunately, Hortense heard everything! He came down cautiously and therefore heard this discussion about him. Livio is embarrassed… he prefers to shut up and leave. Billy reassures the young woman about her abilities. After a while, he notices that Hortense’s lock has a problem: it won’t lock.

The latter explains that he forgot to repair it a long time ago. Bill is surprised because he would have taken care of it right away in his place. He claims that “all his life“It’s in this box! Hortense replies that it’s none of her business, but suddenly stops at the medicine box…

What if someone had access to his pills? After becoming suspicious of Eugene, her own mother, Hortense begins to imagine that Livio may be the one manipulating her capsules… to make her feel bad and remain a teacher in her place? To be continued.

Source: Allocine

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