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It should never be done in marriage: the relevant remark of Alla Sigalova and her love story

Alla Sigalova is a famous choreographer, director and actress, and also a very wise woman. She has repeatedly shared her life principles in interviews. We present one of the interesting quotes from our material.

From childhood, Alla Sigalova, who studied at the famous Vaganova Ballet Academy, got used to discipline and clear rules. The rigid principles seem to have extended to his ordinary life. The choreographer’s comments on love, happiness, family life are always refined, like an impeccable whipping, often ruthless, like a criticism of a choreographer, but deep down they are so precise and beautiful.

This is how Sigalova talked about the wedding.

“In family life, it is important not to climb into the territory of a loved one – to feel his untouchability. No need to ask too much and take root where you are not called.

For the first time, Alla Sigalova got married in the early 1980s, when she was studying in the second year at GITIS. The student marriage did not last long, but her daughter Anna was born there. True love came to Sigalova’s life much later – it would be more than ten years before she met director Roman Kozak.


Their acquaintance will look less like a sweet romantic story – with a spark that lit at first glance and other banal circumstances.

For the first time, Alla and Roman met at the director Pavel Lungin’s house, where they both came to eat dumplings – Lungin’s wife cooked them in such a way that bohemians forgot about diets and trendy restaurants. The spectacular Sigalova immediately caught the attention of Kozak, although he was married at that time. But at first he did not appeal to Alla at all, and she hardly knew his job.

“Somehow he immediately showed unambiguous male interest, but I don’t like it for it to be so immediately and directly. And he seemed to do it without rudeness, or even elegance, but I thought: why the hell? And hastened to bow out”– Sigalova called back later.

The second meeting took place in an actor’s rest home in Plyos a few weeks later. Alla came with her daughter and Kozak with her family. Either the director had already managed to forget his knowledge of the dumplings party, or he didn’t dare approach it in front of his wife, but he took her and passed without saying hello.

Sigalova was hurt by this behavior – she herself called Roman and scolded him. The next day he himself struck up a conversation – he asked if Alla Cortazar had read. And that’s how their romance began.

Kozak finally left the family – the divorce was difficult for him, but he admitted Sigalova much later, then he came and simply said: “My wife and I discussed everything, we are breaking up.” She and Alla got married, in 1994 their son Mikhail was born.

Sigalova was true to her rule of not “stepping onto someone else’s territory”. Kozak had a well-established circle of theatrical friends, with whom he often disappeared not only at the theater, but also at various gatherings. Alla let her husband go without making a scene – and soon Kozak’s priorities naturally changed.

“It wasn’t my fault, even though his friends believe the exact opposite. It’s just that every year the ‘walkers’ meant less and less to him, and the opportunity to be alone with himself, with his son or with me – more and more »– says Sigalova.

Alas, that time together has already been counted. Kozak was diagnosed with cancer, from which he died in 2010 at the age of 52. Alla Sigalova never married again.

“I am a very jealous person, and after Romin’s departure, I don’t want to share it with anyone, and the pain that has settled in me is also unshared and unshared. This is my pain, I don’t let anyone near it. I’m completely selfish in living it.”– Sigalova wrote in her book “My happiness!”.

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Source: The Voice Mag

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