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Why you should not bathe immediately after returning home – especially in summer

At the end of a hard day, you just want to take a bubble bath ASAP. Well, or at least stand for a few minutes in a hot shower. However, if you have just come home, it is better to wait a bit with water procedures.

The skin is the largest organ of our body. It’s hard to imagine how many vital reactions are constantly taking place in the skin. It is in the different layers of the skin that the synthesis of collagen, lipids and other components responsible for youth and health takes place. And in the epidermis, vitamin D is produced – the very nutrient, the deficiency of which is present in the vast majority of Russians.

Vitamin D deficiency cannot be corrected through nutrition. To replenish the balance, you need to be on the street more often – after all, this nutrient is produced when the sun’s rays come into contact with our skin.

Of course, we must not forget about sunscreens: after all, excessive tanning that occurs with prolonged exposure to UV rays, on the contrary, suppresses the production of vitamin D.

Experts believe that to maintain normal vitamin D synthesis, it is also extremely important to monitor the acid-base balance of the skin. Often we violate it when we wash often, use too hot water and products with aggressive compounds. Due to this, the production of sebum is reduced, which makes the synthesis of vitamin D more problematic.


But even if you are used to washing with cold water and using recommended dermatological products, this will not completely protect you from a reduced level of the “sunshine vitamin”. The fact is that the active phase of vitamin D synthesis in tissues begins some time after skin contact with sunlight – and lasts for 8 hours. Therefore, procedures in the bathroom immediately after returning home can interfere with this process.

In order for vitamin D to stabilize in the skin and be absorbed by the body, experts advise refusing washing at least in the first two hours after leaving the street. If you do not want to wait for such a period of time, it is permissible to take a shower without using soap and shower gel. And then gently blot the skin with a towel – avoiding active rubbing of the body.

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Source: The Voice Mag

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