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The reason for Luan Santana’s relationship ending with Izabela Cunha is pointed out and gives hope to “Luade”. Details!

Luan Santana broke up with Izabela Cunha for almost two years and now gives hope to fans of ‘Luade’ shipper

Luan Santana and Jade Magalhães have reportedly grown closer again after the end of the 12 year relationship and resulted in the end of the engagement of the singer with Izabela Cunha. Luan and Izabela got engaged in July 2022, but they had been together since 2021. sertanejo split from Jade in October 2020and the following March get excited or fan by posting a photo of your ex for International Women’s Day.

The information of a possible new rapprochement between Luan and Jade is from the newspaper “Extra”, this Thursday (2). The sertanejo and the influencer have continued to speak, but have chosen not to leave any trace on the web. Jade has to wait a while before resuming public contact with her ex-boyfriend.

Luan’s ex Jade posted a suspicious message on the web

It is good to mention that Luan after assume the relationship with Izabela, in November 2021, has stated that he would like to keep the relationship with Jade. “I follow her on Instagram, I follow what she does with her. I don’t talk to her, but I wanted to talk about her. I would have no problem finding her, talking to her. She has left me very quiet now,” he said.

Now what does Luan do officially part of the list of celebrities who broke up in 2023 another indication could indicate a new possibility between the sertanejo and the ex-girlfriend. A few days ago, Jade posted a suspicious message in her Stories.

“Life always offers you a new chance. This is called dawn,” wrote the artist’s ex-girlfriend. Jade…

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