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How to change your drinking regime in the fall to improve skin quality and get sick less

In summer, because of the heat, we often feel thirsty, so we do not need to closely monitor the amount of water we drink. But in the fall it is especially important to evaluate this parameter. Ideally, you should drink even more now than during other months of the year.

We are used to thinking that in summer our body needs more water than in other seasons of the year. Of course, in the heat we sweat more, but at the same time we eat more fruits and vegetables, which imperceptibly replenishes our water balance.

But in the fall, the flow of fluid in the body can noticeably decrease. The feeling of thirst in cold weather becomes less pronounced. Would you much rather drink a cup of hot coffee now, wouldn’t you?

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Interestingly, experts, on the contrary, advise increasing water consumption in the fall. This is due to the start of the heating season.

Thanks to the inclusion of batteries, the temperature in the rooms increases and the air humidity decreases. Such changes in the home atmosphere greatly affect our condition: the skin loses more moisture, and the mucous membranes constantly dry out and become susceptible to the penetration of pathogenic bacteria into the body.

Since the heating season in our country is considered one of the longest in the world, the problem of dehydration in cold weather is particularly acute. Let’s solve it before any discomfort arises! To do this, try to drink at least 25-30 ml of water per day for every kilogram of your weight. And if you can’t take water regularly, choose green tea or herbal teas. The main thing is not to increase your daily dose of caffeinated drinks. They have a diuretic effect and do not help replenish the body’s water balance.

Source: The Voice Mag

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