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How to make hair naturally thin, dense and voluminous: the simplest and most beautiful way

Thin hair is not a death sentence! If you want to have luxurious hair, try cheating your genetics at a beauty salon with some good old coloring.

Many women with thin hair are afraid of dyeing, thermal styling tools and other methods of changing the condition of their hair. We are used to considering these manipulations dangerous and traumatic and, of course, not without reason: against the background of coloring and exposure to high temperatures, curls really need intensive care.

And yet, we must not forget that everything has a “good side”. So, on the contrary, hairdressers advise women with fine hair to wear makeup regularly, as this helps make their hair thicker.

The pigments contained in the dyes fill the hair shaft (if we talk about initial bleaching) and also create a protective shell. Thanks to this, many note that after dyeing, the hair retains its shape better and becomes especially dense at the roots, which is why an unusual volume appears.

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Of course, you can only benefit from coloring if it is done by a competent hairdresser who knows how to work with thin and problem hair. We should also not forget about changes in care after coloring: the need to use protective conditioners and nourishing masks and do salon dyeing at least every two months.

By the way, blow drying (in mandatory association with thermal protection agents!) also benefits those with fine hair. This allows you to reduce the load on the curls during the drying process, and also preserve the structure of the hair, avoiding unnecessary damage to its upper layer with sensitive scales.

Source: The Voice Mag

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