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5 homemade manicure secrets for those who don’t know how to paint their nails: even a French manicure will do the trick!

These beauty tips will help you master even the most complex nail designs.

There’s a lot of talk about cool manicure ideas that are easy to replicate without professional help. But what if you are so bad at nail art that you can’t even skillfully hold a nail polish brush in your hands?

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There is a smart solution for every difficult case! Take note of these 5 brilliantly simple tips that will help you become a true at-home manicure queen.

Use Vaseline

If you cannot clearly apply the varnish to the plate, lubricate the skin around the nail with petroleum jelly before applying it. Now you can no longer limit yourself to anything and feel free to go beyond the plate – the oily base will not allow the varnish to dry on the skin, so you can easily remove it with a regular napkin .

Make sure the petroleum jelly does not get on your nails. To do this, dip a cotton swab in an alcohol solution and carefully degrease the plate before applying the varnish.


Choose a milk base

If you want to learn how to put a liner under your cuticles, just like in a beauty salon, use this nifty tip. Instead of a transparent base, use a milky white base. Then, as you apply colored varnish, you will notice any unpainted areas.

Warm the polish in your palms

If you want the polish to sit on your nails without bubbles, lumps or air bubbles, rub and warm the bottle in your palms first.

Start in the middle

For beginners, it is better not to start painting your nails closer to the cuticle. In this case, there is a high risk that the varnish will spread quickly and imprint on the skin. It is best to put a thick dot in the middle of the nail, carefully stretch it towards the cuticle, then paint over the base and work down to the tips.

Make a French jacket with elastic

Even the absolutely incompetent can master French at home! Instead of stencils, under which varnish very often flows anyway, it is better to use a regular stationery eraser.

For convenience, attach it to your finger so that when painting the tips, the varnish does not fall on the rest of the nail area. This way the scratches will be smooth and even – just like a real pro!

Source: The Voice Mag

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