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HPI on TF1: Mehdi Nebibu’s (Karadec) Regrets About Season 3

Marked by the unexpected closeness of Morgan Alvaro (Audrey Floro) and Timote (Jeremy Levin), who seem set to start a relationship after sleeping together, HPI season 3 is also an opportunity for fans of the detective series to find a character who last year’s second TF1 The season was completely absent.

New episodes of HPI, which continue to be a hit every Thursday night (7.35 million followers still tuned in this Thursday, June 1, ahead of Season 3 Episode 4), really see Sofian Karadetz (Omar Mebrouk) come back to life. His brother Adam (Mehdi Nebibu).

The two brothers still live together, without further explanation, and the second season tells us that Sofian has gone to live in Quiberon. A way for the HPI screenwriters to explain the absence of actor Omar Mebrouk at the time, who was unavailable due to the filming of the Disney + series Para // èles, in which he played one of the main roles with Thomas. Chomel (Clem) and Guillaume Labbé (I promise).

Sofian Karadek, who has so far appeared in episodes 3 and 4 of season 3, is therefore very much present in TF1’s detective series this year, with a little touch. But it is not enough, according to Mehdi Nebibu, who told us in an interview that he wants the relationship between the two Karadech brothers to develop further.

“Sofian is in Season 3, but not enough for my taste. Because I really like the character, I really like Omar Maybrook, his translator. And also the relationship between the two brothers.”admits Mehdi Nebibu, who shares what appears to be his biggest regret about this new season of HPI.

Sofian Karadets, played by Omar Mebruk.

“Sofian comes back a little bit obliquely, she’s been around for a while, but she’s probably getting a little bored of this cohabitation after Roxanne (Clotilda Hesme) comes to live with the closet”Mehdi Nebibu continues. “But it’s true, in terms of the plot, Sofian is not very relevant, even if, you will see, Karadets will talk about his brother in the 8th episode”.

“I would really like Sofiane to be represented more”Concludes the translator of Adam Karadek, who understands, however, it is not easy for the authors of HPI to have all the characters in an equivalent way, since the story is primarily focused on the hero camped on Karadek by Audrey Flerot. and members of the police department.

“It’s not easy for the writers to honor the talent of all these wonderful actors who play HPI. The series is getting more and more choral, but it’s hard to give all the characters a big score”.

It remains to be seen what HPI Season 3, which continues every Thursday at 9.10pm on TF1, will have in store for the two Karadech brothers.

Source: Allocine

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