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Here’s where it all starts: Is Leroy the one plotting against Anais and Tayce?

Anais (Julie Sasost) is looking for more than ever This is where it all begins! In a new excerpt from the series pre-released by TF1, a young girl pushes Mark Leroy (Stephane Blancafort) to her limits as she suspects he’s more Machiavellian than meets the eye…

Anais is wary of Leroy

Needless to say, these past few days have been tough for the head of Double A, after a fake photo of him kissing Taysier (Benjamin Barochet) was leaked at the institute… Meanwhile, Lisandro (Agustín Galliana) is back at culinary school to make things better!

Already too busy trying to find the person responsible for this set-up, Anais must also manage her ex’s big comeback! Once he arrived, the maître d’ had a stern discussion with Emmanuelle to get the whole story out… and it wasn’t without some drama!

In fact, if Anais and the director seem so close recently, it’s because she’s the only one who realizes the terrible secret that Teissier is hiding… Constance’s husband (Sabine Perrault) suffers an explosion. It’s been a few weeks now about his illness, multiple sclerosis, and at the moment he doesn’t want to discuss it with anyone.

Is Leroy hiding his true colors?

But why is Anais attacking Leroy? In images seen so far from the series (Broadcast Monday to Friday on TF1 at 6:30 p.m.) Featured on the front page, Theo’s girlfriend (Khaled Alouachi) practices the soon-to-be fairy menu and is visited by Jimmy’s father (Loan Becmont) and Thibaut (Félix Paco).

Immediately, Anais has doubts. He doesn’t understand what Mark is doing there and doesn’t appreciate looking into his notes. The main character notices that Salome’s best friend (Oreli Pons) is under guard. He assures her that Tessier is aware of his arrival and therefore there is no problem.

Nothing helps, Anais remains skeptical and looks at the interlocutor with suspicion. She points out that Tessier didn’t warn them that Mark would be coming to inspect their work. The latter turns his back, upset that his word is questioned…

Anais does not give up and says that she does not trust him. He is under the impression that Leroy is playing a double game in hopes of taking Emmanuel’s place! It’s too much for a chef who prefers to walk away… Tensions between him and Anais are at a peak. Is it true that it is doubtful? Continued This is where it all begins.

Source: Allocine

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