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The webinar addresses the pediatric sepsis scenario in Latin America

The incidence of sepsis in Brazil is high. In 2017, according to data published in the journal The Lancet, 420 thousand cases were recorded in intensive care, with a mortality rate of 55%.

The dissemination of awareness-raising actions, such as the proclamation of World Sepsis Day on 13 September, aims to mobilize the fight against the disease which causes approximately 240 thousand deaths per year in Brazil, according to a publication by the Brazilian Company of Hospital Services. In order to broaden the debate on the main aspects of childhood disease, as well as on the importance of early diagnosis, the ILAS (Latin American Sepsis Institute) will hold a webinar this Tuesday 09/19, at 8 pm, with the topics “Sepsis: why early recognition is so important” and “The scenario of pediatric sepsis in Latin America”, aimed at the world of healthcare professionals.

The incidence of sepsis in Brazil is high. In 2017, second data published in the magazine The Lancet420 thousand cases have been recorded in intensive care, with a mortality rate of 55%. Currently, between 47 and 50 million cases are recorded every year, with a high lethality: 11 million deaths, of which 40% in children under 5 years of age, or one death every 2.8 seconds, according to data from Global Sepsis Alliancemaking sepsis a global health priority.

The invited experts are Dr. Flávia Machado, associate professor and head of the Intensive Care sector of the Department of Intensive Care of the Federal University (SP), general coordinator of ILAS and president of BRICNET; Dr. Daniela de Souza, doctor with master’s degree and doctorate in Pediatric Medicine at the University of São Paulo, currently doctor at the Sírio-Libanês Hospital and doctor at the UTIP-HU of the University of São Paulo, and president of ILAS; and Dr. Norma Hernandez, medical director of bioMérieux Latin America.

The webinar will be broadcast live and will have simultaneous translation into Spanish. More information and registration at the link: https://bit.ly/3Z4at0o

On the websites of ILAS it is possible to find information, materials and guidance that healthcare institutions can use in the process of implementing the managed sepsis protocol (www.diamundialdasepse.com.br) and also so that the general public can learn more about the disease and post-sepsis rehabilitation (https://reabilitasepse.com.br/).

Website: https://ilas.org.br

Source: Terra

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