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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: ‘There Will Be Some Conflicts Between Bart and Sarah’ – Camille Genau Reveals

After a particularly busy summer, going back to school won’t be the same for Sara (Camille Genau) in Tomorrow Belongs to Us.

Between a busy family life with a baby, the arrival of Violet (Salome Benita) and Damien’s (Adrienne Robb) biological mother, as well as the return of Vanessa (Victoire Doxer), who will be restless for Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui). The coming weeks will give him no rest.

Camille Genau, Sarah’s interpreter, who was introduced during the La Rochelle Arts Festival, spoke to Alocine about what’s next for her character in the sequel to the TF1 daily soap opera.

Allocin√©: Tomorrow Belongs to Us celebrated its sixth anniversary. How do you feel about this adventure and your six years in Sarah’s shoes?

Camille Genau : Very attached to the role of Sara, who I saw growing up with me. I discovered her as a schoolgirl and there I discovered her as a police officer, a mother, and with much more confidence. It’s amazing! I don’t think anyone doubted that six years later, Tomorrow We Belong would still be there. Not me! Basically, we signed up for a summer feature film. It’s crazy because in the end, you have a real family that also develops and you have chemistry that develops with people. You go to work in the morning, they are your colleagues, but also your friends. It’s still pretty strong. We are really proud!

Why do you think the series is still so popular after all these years?

I don’t know if it’s related, but I feel like I have people around me who are really happy with what they do. We are not in an easy format. It’s exhausting, but you feel that all the people involved in this project, the actors, the directors, the producers, are people who want to do it. That was one of the first things that jumped out at me. We want the series to last as long as possible, to serve him as well as possible. I hope this is felt on screen and that explains the longevity of the series.

This summer, the writers decided to dig into Sarah’s past. What memories do you have of this obviously outstanding summer arc for your character?

I have a very good memory. It is an incredible opportunity to protect all this in places like this and with stories like this. We were really well served.

Are you surprised every time the writers come up with similar arcs and manage to dig a little deeper into Sarah’s past?

You are always surprised. I don’t know how they always manage to find something original for you. It must be said that in the last six years there have been arches. Screenwriters redouble their imagination every time. We’re really lucky to have a pretty solid pool of screenwriters and authors.

During this arc, we finally learned that Violet wasn’t Sarah’s real cousin. How will their relationship develop in the next episodes?

Sarah has no desire to cut Violet out of her life. Blood or not, he will always be her cousin. They are connected by all this history and this childhood that they did not experience together.

With all this history, Sarah and Roxanne (Raphael Volkoff) became close to Ruseli’s family. Do you enjoy interacting with other characters and expanding Sarah’s family?

It’s always interesting to connect with other characters because it gives you an opening to all the stories you’re going to tell and play. As it happens, I never got much with “Russels”, but I think there will be some sections with them in the future. And given their and Sarah’s character, I think it could be very funny.

Vanessa returned in Tomorrow Belongs To Us, which inevitably has a significant impact on Bart (Hector Langevin). What can you tell us about it?

very difficult. Sara is a police officer, she has to solve Vanessa’s problem. Except for the moment he can’t do it. The problem is that Bart tends to take it too personally, which can lead to some conflicts between him and Sarah.

You told me in a previous interview that Bart would also have a little trouble. Does this have anything to do with Vanessa’s return?

All I can say is that Bart is not going to have an easy few months.

Will Sarah play an important role in the investigation surrounding Vanessa?

Usually, when it comes to Bart, Sarah is never far away.

Vanessa returns with a big surprise as she is pregnant with Georges. Knowing that Sarah and Roxanne are the only ones with a young child, can the latter ask them for advice?

It will be very difficult for George to manage the situation. He will stay within himself rather than seek their advice. It’s going to be a bit of a problem and an opportunity to deepen the emotional aspects of certain characters that we’ve come to think of as solid. We should not forget that people have personal issues outside of their work. In this case, the focus will be on George’s issues this time.

On the family side, what can we expect for Sara and Roxanne in the coming weeks?

Big problems considering they have a one year old running around the house. I think a one-year-old is harder to catch than a big bad boy (laughs). It’s quite interesting to shoot with a real kid because he’s the one who decides how the sequence goes. It’s good exercise and pretty funny too.

Source: Allocine

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