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Cezar Black brings wigs to “A Fazenda 15”

Cezar Black wasn’t allowed to wear his wigs in “BBB 23,” but he didn’t suffer the same restriction in “A Fazenda 15.” One of the four chosen by Paiol to continue on the reality show, the former BBB took advantage of his first night at the venue to show off his hair to passers-by.

The wig story became a BBB meme, known as “wig bullshit”, because he was angry after Tina Calamba showed up with wigs and refused to lend him one. He went to investigate the problem in the Discord Game and was seriously injured by the model. At the end of the program, he gave the nurse one of his wigs. Also, when he was Leader, Cezar won a wig themed party.

At the premiere of “A Fazenda 15,” Black joked about the laces with journalists in attendance. “I really want to get to the final, to be the best farmer here. I want to take care of the animals, put a wig on the calf… I want to have fun and have fun, but I came to become champion,” he said.

Source: Terra

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