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“26 Minutes of Suspense” “Gem”: From the series shot by Bernard Tapie, this series makes Netflix subscribers hallucinate

“Are you sure you want to come in?” It seemed inconceivable that the series could create the life of Bernard Tapp (played by Laurent Lafitte) without challenging the supporters of the OM / VA case, which led to the latter’s downfall and imprisonment.

The then president of Olympique de Marseille, Bernard Tappe, contacted the players of the Valenciennes club through his manager Jean-Pierre Bernays to ask them to arrange the result of the match between the two teams in the 1992/1993 season.

And thus avoiding possible injuries considering the 1993 Champions League final won by OM a few weeks later, the only win for a French club in C1.

Among the players contacted by Bernays, defender Jacques Glassman decided to denounce the maneuver to the match referee and then to the courts, which quickly took up the matter. The file then ended up in the office of prosecutor Eric de Montgolfier, who he played in David Talbot’s Netflix series.

In the series, Bernard Tapp decides to go in person to meet the prosecutor without suspecting the trap that is about to be closed on him. A scene that presented a huge challenge to Laurent Lafitte, both in its duration (26 minutes of continuous talking) and in its implications for the rest of the plot:

This was a writing challenge. Suddenly, the timeline of the series stops a bit. It’s very rhythmic in the rest of the series, but it slows down here. This is a dialogue scene that we shot over three days… It’s rare in cinema to be faced with an exchange like this over three days!

Our colleagues were questioned MariannaEric de Montgolfier agreed to return to the meeting with Bernard Tapie, in this case to analyze the reconstruction made in the Netflix series.

“On the show, I find Laurent Lafitte, who plays Tapp, very believable, but the real Tapp in my office has never used the slightest direct threat.” declares a 77-year-old man, now retired.

Description of the man “Not aggressive at all” And they met A “Surprise Visit”The former prosecutor still condemns the bad and mocking aspect of his portrayal in the Netflix series:

What bothers me in the series is the sarcastic side of my character. He, on the other hand, has a lot of evil. Too much teasing too. In my view, we never ridiculed the defendant.

Taken from the last episode of Tapie series, this sequence has got many internet users going. Noted for the quality of the interpretation as well as the sophistication of the writing and staging, this summit showdown between Tapiet and de Montgolfier did not leave viewers indifferent!

The Tapie miniseries can be seen exclusively on Netflix.

Discover the list of all series currently available on the platform!

Source: Allocine

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