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Here’s where it all starts: Ethan in a love triangle with Maya and Leonard? Production announcements

Maya (Alexandra Faval) and Leonard (Tom Whelan) are among the new students for a few weeks here. Upon arriving at the Auguste Armani Institute, the inseparable duo become close to Ethan (Rick Cleve), who welcomes them into his castle with open arms.

Ethan is worried about… Leonard?!

Soon Annabel Cardon’s (Alexandra Vandernoot) son also developed feelings for Maya. But now, Ethan seems to have troubled feelings for his best friend, Leonard!

Are Salome’s (Aurelie Pons) protégés going to see their friendship ruined because of the boy? Could Ethan explore his sexuality in a different way in the upcoming episodes of Here It All Begins?

During the 2023 edition of the La Rochelle Fiction Festival, series producer Sarah Farahmand opened up to AlloCiné about this intriguing potential triangle…

He tells us: “We should expect more questions from Ethan and Leonard. It’s not just about sexual orientation. This is also a story of friendship.

We saw that Maya and Leonard were close, wouldn’t do anything without each other, and that Ethan is Maya’s crush. Sara Farahmandi recalls. How will this happen if there is trouble between Leonard and Ethan? Will their friendship be defeated or strengthened? (…)

The most beautiful relationships in “ITC” are stories of friendship

We have always told ourselves that this is where everything begins, the most beautiful relationships are stories of friendshipA key stakeholder continues. Hortense and Eliot, it’s beautiful (…), Anais and Salome, it’s also very beautiful and strong. Lionel and Greg, it’s love without limits.

Somewhere along the line, Maya and Leonard will pick up that torch… and how they’ll handle their friendship are questions authors regularly ask themselves.

Also during this meeting, Othman Mahfoud (Fiction Writing Director and Co-Creator) adds: “That’s actually the theme behind it: the trouble that occurs among young people, in a group, in a triangle like this… But it’s primarily a matter of friendship that we’re going to explore through this intrigue.e.”

Thursday 28 September 2023 Here it all starts on TF1 Maya celebrates her birthday with all her loved ones, but it won’t be until the next day that Ethan and Leonard are turned upside down after this famous evening… happen? We can’t wait to find out where it all begins!

Source: Allocine

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