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Terminator 2: Here’s an alternate ending that would have killed the franchise

Forced to stretch his creative abilities due to an apparent lack of resources, James Cameron manages to deliver a SF film masterpiece with The Terminator, while brilliantly laying the groundwork for a franchise that, unfortunately, hasn’t stopped over the years. But that’s clearly not the case with Terminator 2, which entered the pantheon of action movies through the front door, with scenes as joyous as they are iconic, revolutionary special effects that didn’t wrinkle.

It is worth noting (again) that there are at least three versions of the film. The version was released in cinemas for 131 minutes; said the other Special issue Duration 148 minutes. Finally, the third called Advanced cutting (available in the final version of the film), duration 152 min.

In addition to various added scenes (discussed here), the first version of the film and the second offered a dark and open ending, aptly titled unknown future. James Cameron justified his choice as follows: If the future is changeable and therefore uncertain, then the struggle must be constant.

It is enough to move this optimistic ending, which also closes the saga and which takes place 30 years later, to the path of curiosities. Sarah Connor, now a grandmother, sits in the nursery watching her son John Connor, now a senator, play with his daughter. In his monologue, he explains that the Last Judgment never happened and everyone moved on with their lives…

See below…

Cameron originally wanted to keep that happy ending, not wanting to continue the franchise. But that would have greatly hampered any potential sequel. Mario Cassar, the film’s producer, naturally wanted not to miss such an opportunity.

Cameron didn’t see it that way. Cassar then suggested that a test screening be held to gauge the audience’s temperature with this happy ending. Reactions were quite negative: this ending did not fit with the dark nature of the rest of the film. Some viewers even had the impression that this ending came from a completely different movie.

It is enough to logically confirm Kasari in his desire. So Cameron put the ending we know, which is great, leaving the door open for new opus. Even if the quality of the franchise has unfortunately deteriorated since then. But that’s another story…

Source: Allocine

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