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“Stunning”, “Unacceptable”: these 3 films in which Marion Cotillard surprised us

In 2024, Marion Cotillard will celebrate her 30th career on the big screen. Because his first appearance in the cinema dates back to the 1994 film Philip Harrell’s The Story of a Boy Who Wanted to Kiss.

During these three decades, the actor has been able to move us, impress us, make us laugh and surprise us. Evidence with these three examples, to which we could add Annette, The Immigrant, Juste la fin du monde or De rouille et d’os.

Little Girl in Blue (2023)

In this film at the crossroads of documentary and fiction, Mona Achache brings her dead mother to life through her writings, images and notes. And he entrusts his role to Marion Cotillard, who portrays him physically and vocally when he’s not acting.

“I’ve never done anything so hard in my life.”, sighs the actress in one scene. And, although the company may fall apart from the first, destabilizing moments, it presents an amazing performance, disappearing into the character to produce such a strong emotion as it is unexpected.

The role is daring, but little girl Blue’s success is all the more beautiful because she does it so amazingly well, reminding us that she still knows how to step out of her comfort zone.

Rockin’ Roll (2017)

Marion Cotillard is very rare in comedy. Between the Casting(s) episode and a cameo alongside Jim Carrey in Living Legends , he still proved himself to be talented in that register. And Rock’n Roll shows its talent for self-deprecation.

The multi-award-winning actress pokes fun at herself with infectious glee in this comedy about her cozy real-life fake life with Guillaume Canet. And plays to her transformative and selfless side, often speaking in a Quebecois accent to thoroughly prepare for the role opposite Xavier Dolan. Fun rock performance. Very funny.

The Kid (2007)

What can I say that hasn’t already been said? There is a before and after La Môme in Marion Cotillard’s career. Not only because she won a second César, an Oscar for best actress and stamped her Hollywood passport with an Olivier Dahan film.

The actress does not only play Edith Piaf. He became a translator “La vie en rose”, to voice, postures and gestures. The total performance, whose front man confided that he had difficulty recovering to the point of calling an exorcist, was no longer haunted by the singer’s ghost. But who changed his career and people’s perception, which made him fly to the heights forever.

And you ? In which movie did Marion Cotillard surprise you the most?

Source: Allocine

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