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The Farm | Cezar Black fans politicize fight and go viral with ‘Black, I’m with you’

The fight with Lucas Souza made Cezar Black fans go viral for the first time in “A Fazenda 15”. Bahian fans, who had one of the biggest fans on “BBB 23”, placed the phrase “Black I’m with you” among the most discussed topics in the early hours of this Tuesday (11/21) on X ( previously Twitter)

Some posts recalled that Monday (11/20), the day of the fight, was Black Awareness Day and politicized the message. “How does a white person spitting on a black person on Black Consciousness Day look, production?,” one of the posts protested. Another said that “On Black Awareness Day, they are cheering an out-of-control white man attacking a black man. The same white man who has a protective measure not to approach a black singer…”. A third pointed out that “Black had to file for a restraining order against Lucas.”

There were also those who congratulated Black for having put an end to Lucas’ character in the reality show, unmasking the completely out of control pawn, and also those who underlined that he did not offend, did not threaten or say anything false. He only asked for photos of Jojo Todynho, which Lucas brought to the match. However he was insulted, threatened with death and spat on.

It is worth highlighting that, before the images were broadcast on Record TV, it was Lucas’ fans who demonstrated at the X, strengthening their support for the pedestrian. But after the powerful images were shown, Cezar Black proved he has fans too. If all goes according to script, he should be nominated for the Roça by farmer Jaquelline Grohalski. She asked her allies to vote for Lucas to face him in the dispute over the popular vote.

If this were to happen, the next Roça could become the first real dispute of “A Fazenda 15”, all the others having been unanimously eliminated.

Source: Terra

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