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Marfrig (MRFG3), Ferbasa (FESA4) and Equatorial (EQTL3) shake up the market this Tuesday; see more highlights

The announcement of a new share buyback plan Marfrig (MRFG3) is one of the highlights of this Tuesday (21).

It is also among the main highlights of the financial market Ferbasa (FESA4), after having called the extraordinary meeting (AGE) to decide on the split of the company’s shares.

Equatorial (EQTL3) is also highlighted today, after announcing that it will issue its second trading note issue.

See the main highlights of the financial market Today:


The board of directors of Marfrig (MRFG3) has approved a new buyback plan for up to 31 million shares, corresponding to 9.30% of the company’s shares outstanding on the market.

In a relevant fact, the company specified that the company’s objective with the buyback plan is to “maximize the generation of value for shareholders.


Ferbasa (FESA4) has called an extraordinary meeting (AGE) to analyze the split of the company’s shares, in the proportion of one ordinary share for four ordinary shares and one preferred share for four preferred shares.

Ferbasa’s share capital will be divided into 353,280,000 shares, with no par value, of which 117,760,000 ordinary shares and 235,520,000 preference shares.


Equatorial (EQTL3) has applied to the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to automatically register the public offering for primary distribution of up to 1.3 billion book-entry commercial notes, in a single series, of the second issue, all with a nominal unit value of R$1.


Eneva (ENEV3) announced that the National Electricity Agency (Aneel) has unanimously approved the postponement of the end date of the supply of the Energy Marketing Contracts in a Regulated Environment (CCEAR) of the Thermoelectric Generating Plant – UTE Porto do Pecém II, with entry into force until 2 September 2028, increasing the deadline by 246 days.


Mubadala Capital, the private equity manager linked to Abu Dhabi’s sovereign wealth fund, has requested the convening of an extraordinary general meeting to decide on the voluntary exit of Zamp (ZAMP3) from B3’s Novo Mercado, with exemption from carrying out a public share acquisition offer (OPA).

The assembly will also have to decide on the reform and consolidation of the company statute.

Suno Notícias financial market highlights show the main events that promise to move the market during the day, such as Marfrig (MRFG3), which is expected to be the focus of investors’ attention throughout the day.

Source: Terra

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