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Discover the characters of Bottoms, the comedy of the moment between Scott Pilgrim and Fight Club

New, modern and charming comedy

When a rumor spreads through their high school that a classmate has been attacked by a student from a rival institution, PJ (Rachel Sennott) and Josie (Ayo Edebir) decide to form a fight club to teach young girls on their campus how to fight.

At least that’s the official excuse, because the real reason is far less glamorous: Both lesbians, PJ and Josie are actually hoping to…find a girlfriend so they can lose their virginity before going to college.

Emma Seligman’s (Shiva Baby) funny contemporary comedy Bottoms is halfway between the quirky and sparkling Scott Pilgrim (Edgar Wright) and the brutal Fight Club (David Fincher).

One of the keys to his success? A young and brash cast consisting of headliners but also rising stars. A review of these beginner fighters!

Rachel Sennott is PJ

The founder, coach, and mastermind of a high school fight club, PJ is as cocky as he is extravagant. While she trains her friends under the guise of teaching them self-defense, she really only has one obsession: sleeping with her petulant Brittany.

He is an actor Rachel Sennott which embodies this colorful character. Bodies Bodies Bodies star reunites with director Emma Seligman, for whom he has already shot. Shiva baby.

Ayo Edebir is Jos

The iconic face of The Bear series, radiant Ayo Edebir Sparks once again as Josie, the young lesbian feels uncomfortable. Passionately in love with the beautiful Isabelle, Josie, however, is not at all comfortable with her… awkwardness, which the status of club coach will help to overcome!

Ruby Cruz is Hazel

A friend of Pidge and Josie, Hazel is a shy young girl from a good family and full of good will. His enrollment in a fight club helps him express his angst, especially about his relationship with his mother, during a midlife crisis.

The talented Ruby Cruz, who plays her role, can be seen in the TV series Castle Rock and Willow.

Havana Rose Liu is Isabelle

A young girl from a good family with good manners, the popular Isabel (Havana Rose Liu) suffers from the infidelities of her boyfriend Jeff, the captain of the school football team.

Will he find a way to express his anger by joining a fight club? This registration pleases at least one, Jody, who tries his best to use this opportunity to get closer to Isabelle.

Kaia Gerber as Britannia

Despite her superficial bimbo appearance, Brittany suffers from more than one complex. Reluctant to join the club at first, she eventually agrees to join to follow her friend Isabel… much to the delight of PJ, who sees her as the ideal girl.

After her first cinematic appearance in Babylon, Cindy Crawford’s daughter Kaia Gerber joins the cast. Bottoms to light up the film with its magnetic presence, not without a welcome second degree.

Nicholas Galitzin is Jeff

Self-centered and self-absorbed, Jeff has the charisma of an oyster despite his reputation as a high school star. As stupid as he is funny, he is seen as an enemy by the girls in the club, who intend to make him pay for his betrayal of Isabelle.

Nicholas Galitzin, star of My Dear F***ing Prince, lends his personality to this despicable character.

Bottoms is available to watch now, exclusively on Prime Video.

Source: Allocine

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