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Tonight on TV: How Alfred Hitchcock Revolutionized Cinema in Just 10 Minutes

Released in cinemas in 1959, Death on the Run is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s classics and one of the monuments of the Seventh Art in general. The story of this movie that the master of thrills had to cheat the studio to make happen? of publicist Roger Thornhill, who mistakenly finds himself in the role of a spy.

Thornhill, played by the legendary Cary Grant, is in a very uncomfortable situation between a mysterious organization that is trying to eliminate him and the police that are trying to destroy him. He escapes to the United States and goes in search of the truth, which will be very surprising.

Humor, suspense, incredible staging… Alfred Hitchcock has it all in this escape into death, which he co-wrote with Ernest Lehmann, inspired by a post-war espionage case: the kidnapping of Galindes, a professor exiled in New York. the middle of the street.

As in all his films, the great Alfred Hitchcock makes a brief appearance on stage. In “Death on the Trail”, he misses his bus, the doors of which close in front of him in the third minute of the film.

Death on the Trail is a special film that does not prevent us from noticing a small flaw. Thus, during the famous chase scene through the cornfields, which sees Cary Grant’s character being chased by a plane, the shadow of the plane is never reflected on the ground! Did you notice this inconvenience?

La Mort aux Trousses was a huge success at the cinema in the late 1950s, with over 3.5 million viewers in French cinemas.

Tonight at the Paris premiere at 9 p.m.

False Connection: The Alfred Hitchcock Spec

Source: Allocine

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