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Tonight on Amazon: A hero who fights with a sewing machine!

Dare you be original? The Prime Video platform hosts the film On m’appelle Alleluia, in which the hero defends himself with a machine gun sewing machine! Yes Yes !

And here are the best westerns of all time, according to viewers!

In My Name is Alleluia, Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico, wants to defeat the revolutionaries once and for all by buying a machine gun and sending payment to his supplier in the form of jewelry.

Except that the rebels, led by General Ramirez, heard about this deal and hired the mercenary Hallelujah to get their hands on these jewels. But Maximilian will not allow it, as well as the crooks and the good sister, who are also interested in this treasure!

George Hilton

The original title literally translates to “Heads I’ll Kill You, Tails… You’re Dead – They Call Me Hallelujah.” We can already guess that this Western, originally from Italy, will be tinged with comedy, and we are not disappointed!

But if the comedy doesn’t fly too high, the film doesn’t fall into the failings of, say, Trinita, and still offers its fair share of shootouts and dirty tricks, as we’d expect from a European western of this era.

And we kid you not, the film includes several scenes in which Hallelujah destroys opponents by the dozens…with an automatic sewing machine! Evidence :

Alleluia is played by George Hilton, the actor who broke out as Franco Nero’s drunken but well-shot brother in Time of Carnage (1966). Since 1967, he has made seven films, including six westerns. In total, he would put 20 in the can between 1966-1975.

Most of his characters have more than one trick up their sleeve, often planning three contingencies to make sure they get the loot or exact a ruthless revenge.

Note that They Call Me Alleluia will have a sequel, Alleluia Against the West (original version: ‘Il West ti va stretto, amico… รจ come alleluia’), by the same director, with part of the first chorus. And as a bonus, the Frenchman Raymond Bussier. But this number 2, unfortunately, is relatively impossible.

Source: Allocine

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