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Mendoza’s car is burned after Santos’ relegation

The vehicle was the target of a series of violent acts by Santos fans, who were protesting after Peixe’s relegation to Serie B

Santos’ relegation, after the 2-1 defeat against Fortaleza, in Vila Belmiro, generated several protests and acts of vandalism on site. And also for the players. After all, after the accident, striker Mendoza’s car was burned by some fans, outraged by the incident.

The car was parked near the stadium and, at the time of the fire, there was no one inside. After the match against Fortaleza, some fans started a real scene of violence on the outskirts of Vila Belmiro. Police used pepper gas to disperse the group.

Fans burned the vehicles closest to the exit gates. Even though the car belonged to a team member, it was not a deliberate protest against the attacker. Mendoza started the match against Fortaleza as a reserve.

Additionally, some whites and blacks threw bombs onto the field. In this way, the Santos players, in fact, took about half an hour to feel safe and leave the Vila Belmiro pitch. The athletes also cried for a long time, devastated.

There were also recordings of Santos arguing with Santos. Some fans attempted to invade a room where Peixe’s advisors were. The more controlled Juventus fans, however, expressed their anger at the first relegation only by crying and screaming in protest.

Problems off the pitch at Santos

Outside Vila Belmiro, the streets of Santos saw widespread chaos, with at least four cars or buses set on fire. Naturally, the São Paulo police used pepper gas to break up the confusion. At first, in fact, some fans even returned to the stadium for greater safety.

Therefore, in this climate, Santos will have elections next Saturday (09). There are five candidates and 16 thousand voters who will be able to decide the future of Peixe.

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Source: Terra

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