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Dr. Quinn, the female doctor: Is the cult series coming back soon? Jane Seymour answers!

More than 20 years after the last episode aired, Doctor Quinn, Female Doctor remains an iconic series for generations of viewers who followed the adventures of Michaela Quinn Sally for 6 seasons. But by the time Jane Seymour announced in 2022 that a sequel or revival project was ready, the plan seemed to have fallen through.

The sequel is being written. Beth Sullivan, who created Dr. Queen, wrote a great script about the next generation of characters– the actor told us at the 2022 Monte Carlo Television Festival.

This new series would take place thirty years later. A very interesting moment in the history of the United States, with the advent of women’s rights.” A great project, which unfortunately did not find a taker.

Jane Seymour actually revealed in an interview Messenger That not a single American channel was interested in this continuation of Dr. Quinn. “They told us they weren’t interested in westernsHe explained.

It’s quite surprising to see how much this world has grown in recent years, especially thanks to the record-breaking Yellowstone franchise. “I think it’s crazy“, he confided to our colleagues, before adding:There are a lot of popular westerns out there, so I didn’t get it at all.”

And Jane Seymour was equally excited about another idea from a network rep. “Last night I was asked, believe it or not, to turn Dr. Quinn into a contemporary piece. I said to myself “but why?” Dr. Quinn’s premise is to show that life hasn’t really changed much between the 1870s and today. There are a lot of issues that are still relevant today and I think that’s what made the series so magical.

However, it seems that the actor, who currently stars in Harry Wild, which was recently renewed for a 3rd season, remains hopeful that the sequel will see the light of day. The situation is really very similar to the original series. “When the series started, even the channel didn’t believe it.– explained Jane Seymour, –But the community was there.“To be continued…

Source: Allocine

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