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Tomorrow Belongs to Us: “I found something very strange at home”… Is Aaron cheating on Lisa?

Warning, this article contains a lot of spoilers for tomorrow’s episodes. If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

There may be a storm in the air tomorrow is ours!

After vacationing in Northern Europe, Aaron (Stany Coppet) and Lisa (Naima Rodrick) returned to the set on February 5th, more in love than ever. But happiness may be short-lived for this couple.

Indeed, Lisa will make a discovery that could change their future during the next episodes of the TF1 daily soap opera…

Lisa’s doubts

In A new extract is available on the TF1+ platformLisa arranged for Amelie (Maëlis Adalle) and Victoire (Solène Hébert) to meet with Spoon because she has something to say. If they immediately imagine that a young woman is pregnant or about to get married, it is so far away.

I found something very strange at home– he explains and shows them his mobile phone. Since it is neither Victoire’s nor Amelie’s, much less hers, Lisa is convinced that it belongs to Aaron.

The problem is that he already has a cell phone so I don’t see what the point is. Well, if I think I know. to talk to a girl. There is no other explanationIn other words, Lisa thinks Aaron is cheating on her

While Amelie and Victoire think there should be an explanation, Lisa doesn’t. “Second cell phones are generally either drug dealers or cheating boys. And sorry, but Aaron doesn’t really have the profile of a drug dealer“.

When Victoire asks if she tried to talk to him about it, Lisa says no because she doesn’t want to confront him without proof. Victoire then emphasizes that this is her lover, not an insolent witness. However, Lisa is not going to sit idly by and is going to find a way to unlock this phone to fix it.

Is Aaron a traitor?

The answer is clearly no. In fact, the cell phone that Lisa found does not belong to Aaron, but to his brother, Simon (Sophia Francin). According to the information Current newsA lawyer also uses it mainly for personal contacts, but primarily for flirting.

Will Lisa learn the truth before it’s too late? Not so sure. According to the official synopsis released by the channel, Lisa will go as far as “ his revenge“But risk falling from the clouds”The discovery of the rose pot“.

Source: Allocine

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