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‘BBB 24’: Leidy accuses Davi of receiving information from production

Leidy Elin points out that Davi’s microphone changes are a way for her brother to receive outside information from the production of “BBB 24”

After Paredão’s training on “BBB 24” and David be nominated by the leader, Leidy Elin expressed his opinion about his brother in a conversation with Vanessa AND Yasmine Brunet. In the chat, the sister told the Camarotes David it may be the favorite game and is receiving external input.

During the conversation with the sisters, Leidy He confessed: “I think he’s the favorite out there. I’ve got a few theories in my head. Change the mic a lot, old boy.” And Yasmin replied: “It’s a crazy theory that doesn’t even make sense.” But the cashier stuck to his theory.

Vanessa he further stated: “But I also keep thinking, man. I keep thinking about other things I see here. But I can’t talk. If I say it, I’ll be fine.” Then, the singer stressed that they know she won’t escape the next hot spot.

There is no way. I have already accepted. Everything is fine. If you go, go. If he’s gone, he’s gone. If it’s for consistency, fairness, what’s right, you know who’s out. That’s what we have to trust, things are right.”He said.

It is worth mentioning that she fell on the current wall after receiving a rating of MC Bin Laden, but she freed herself when she was saved by the Leader. David, Isabellaand it’s Marco These are the purchases of the week.

Source: Terra

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