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Actress says Barbie “set a deliciously dangerous precedent” at the Oscars

Actress and screenwriter Veronica Debom commented on the list of Oscar nominees and criticized the Academy for ignoring Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie

O Oscar reached its 96th edition under pertinent criticism, such as the lack of equity in nominations. Another major controversy surrounding the award is that Greta Gerwig It is Margot Robbie were not nominated in the Best Director and Best Actress categories, respectively, although Barbie secured eight nominations.

The actress and screenwriter Veronica Debom gave his opinion on the choices of the Oscar and highlighted how the Academy continues to focus its attention on men. “The film has countless nominations, there was just no statuette left for the two women directly responsible for making it exist,” he said Good in an exclusive comment sent to Rolling Stone Brazil.

Good also disagreed with the criticisms that label Barbie as a commercial film and stated that cinema “is already intrinsically linked to advertising and the market”.

I saw some people talking on the networks that Barbie It’s a commercial film with a brand name and therefore it can’t be taken seriously enough to put it up for Best Director. They even said that it sets a dangerous precedent precisely because of this combination of product advertising and cinema. I disagree. Firstly, cinema, like everything else in capitalism, is already intrinsically linked to advertising and the market. Second, if that were the Academy’s concern, Barbie would not be competing for Best Film, the most important category of the award. There was no way to leave out the box office phenomenon that Barbie he was. The film has countless nominations, but there were no statuettes left for the two women directly responsible for making it exist.

The actress emerged on the Rio theater scene with the play The pineapple and was nominated to Emmy by production Diary of a Confined Personfrom the Globe. She was the first screenwriter to embrace the film project My sister and Istarring Ingrid Guimarães It is Tata Werneck, in which she also participates as an actress. For her, the success of Barbie “set a deliciously dangerous precedent: criticizing patriarchy and ridiculing men in the mainstream.”

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Those who defend the academy’s integrity in this decision are usually men, who seem not to have understood — or to have been hurt by — the meaning of the apparently silly film. We women already know that with or without a brand name, Barbie has already set a deliciously dangerous precedent: criticizing patriarchy and ridiculing men in the mainstream. We don’t need a little golden doll to tell us the relevance of the work of Greta It is Margot. We know, we understand, hence the box office. To complete the bald white party, of course Ryan Gosling (a male representative with enviable hair who is playing, look, a doll) is nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Even he thought it was a joke. Since 2020, the Oscar campaigns saying it is aiming for diversity, but it is still visible that the overwhelming majority of seats are occupied by — Ken, guess what? — men, white, cis and straight. So, this is not the time Greta get what you deserve Oscar. Looking at the directions, can you feel the kenergy of the gym? I Ken.

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Source: Rollingstone

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