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Tonight on Amazon: 30 Years Ago Jeff Bridges Played Western Legend in Great Western

Bill Hickok is one of the living legends of the American West. A cowboy that everyone adored, but who feels the weight of his years when he realizes that his eyesight is failing. However, Bill is not determined to retire, but to lead the same lifestyle until his last breath. He then embarks on a journey where he meets his former companion, Calamity Jane…

Screenwriter for the great Sam Peckinpah (Guette-Appens), screenwriter and producer of Ridley Scott’s Alien, Walter Hill is one of the outstanding American filmmakers of the 1970s and 1980s, even if his career was uneven.

It is to him that we owe the cult film Night Warriors; A great driver that would greatly influence Nicolas Winding Refn and his drive. A very solid Extreme Superstition with Nick Nolte, who also starred alongside Eddie Murphy in 48 Hours. A huge theatrical success that would have sequels, this film redefines the subgenre Bad movie.

A bitter failure in the gym

But there is one genre the filmmaker is particularly fond of: the Western. In 1980, he signed with the influential James Brothers Gang. Thirteen years later, he dedicated a film to the legendary Apache warrior Jeronimo, followed by Wild Bill two years later.

Two westerns and two abysmal box office failures. Wild Bill Thus, with only 2.1 million dollars, it will collect scraps for a budget that was about 30 million. This shows the violence of the blow.

And this is deeply unfair. If the character of Wild Bill Hickok has already played in many westerns, Jeff Bridges certainly has nothing to be ashamed of in those who preceded him, on the contrary. Almost a decade before True Grit, the actor’s impressive build showed he was already largely comfortable in the genre.

Also very strongly supported are the tremendous Ellen Barkin, who portrays Jane the Accidental, Kate Carradine, who plays her companion in trouble, Buffalo Bill, and John Hurt, Wild Bill It is a very attractive and original western in its form, because it does not exactly conform to the “classical” canons of the genre. A breath of fresh air that feels good, for a product that deserves a serious reappraisal.

Source: Allocine

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