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Courts total 40 million cases with errors in the name, ID, CPF or address of the perpetrators and defendants

The judge tells Estadão that it is the lawyers’ responsibility and that the judiciary lacks employees to identify problems; experts indicate that the protocol’s system of actions must be unique; The CNJ emphasizes that courts focus on resolving the most recent cases

Across Brazilian courts, nearly 40 million cases, or about 20% of the total number of cases handled across the country in recent years, have been identified as containing some type of error, which increases delays and makes it difficult to action of public employees. Judicial power. These are issues such as lack of documentation on the part of the parties (plaintiff and defendant), incorrect or false data, lack of information and incorrectly recorded legal issues.

From 2020, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) compiles with the courts the number of requests with problems, called actions with inconsistencies. These are processes that began in recent decades and are ongoing during this period of analysis. The goal of the CNJ is to reduce as many cases as possible containing some type of error, even in the case of archived cases. According to current data, an amount of 195.595.520 Actions, 39,790,342 they had errors identified through November 2023.

When contacted, the CNJ stressed that the panel’s objective is precisely to assist courts in correcting and improving recorded procedural information. “Courts focus more on resolving new and ongoing cases. It is natural that there are a number of cases that are more difficult to resolve,” the CNJ argues.