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‘I don’t comment on fan theories anymore’: This is why Nolan will never answer you about the ending of Inception

Does the top spin stop at the end of Inception? Did Matthew McConaughey have a near-death experience in the final moments of Interstellar? Where do the scars on Joker’s face come from in The Dark Knight? Are Neil and Max the same character in Tenet?

Nolan and Theories

Since the beginning of his career, Christopher Nolan likes to leave a little doubt about certain more or less important elements of his films. An uncertainty that will allow the viewer, after leaving the cinema, to prolong the experience they have just had by speculating about these known details and trying to solve these gray areas with theories.

However, even if the British filmmaker has his own opinion on the many hypotheses that have been woven by his fans over the years, he will never give up! Indeed, as he recently stated Stephen Colbert at the microphoneNolan has now refrained from revealing his views on the matter.

“I no longer comment on fan theories”He said stiffly before explaining the decision.

“You should be quiet.”

“I made that mistake years ago, and fortunately it was before social media. I was at the Venice Film Festival, showing Memento to an audience for the first time. At the press conference that followed, I was asked what my interpretation of the ending was.”

“I said, ‘What’s important is that it’s ambiguous, it’s mysterious, but I think that blah-blah-blah.’ (…) They want an answer, so if your goal is to leave uncertainty and few possibilities, you should shut up.”

This has the merit of clarity. So it’s up to the audience to decide for themselves whether or not DiCaprio stops twirling his top at the end of Inception. What is your opinion on this matter?

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