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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Tuesday 13 February 2024 episode 860 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

On Tuesday, February 13, it all starts here…

Jimmy kisses Jasmine

In the kitchen, Jasmine, Thibaut and Kelly presented Theisier with a Valentine’s Day menu starter. Thibault took care of it himself: it’s radicchio ravioli accompanied by Jerusalem artichoke puree. To add body to this starter, Jasmine thought about adding a wine butter. This gives Tessier an opportunity to honor the word he made to Iris the day before – to help her bond with her children. The school principal leaves the brigade with no choice but to work with Iris to give them the best wine advice.

Later, Teissier and Constance Leroy were interrogated. The latter asks for an explanation regarding the situation that happened the previous day. Although he believed Teissier had agreed to fire Iris, the latter reversed course and allowed him to keep his sommelier position. Teissier believes it is too late to go back on the contract Iris has already signed. Constance is also protective of Iris, believing that she is trying to do the right thing by her children. But Leroy doesn’t want to hear anything. He categorically refuses to allow his ex-wife to approach them.

Constance then goes to Double A to apologize to Iris for the rather cold reception. He admits that it feels strange to see him again after so long, but it’s good to have him back. Constance advises Iris to give Leroy and Thibaut time to adjust to her presence. Touched, Iris confides that she misses spending time with Constance.

In the kitchen, Iris collaborates with Jasmine, Thibaut and Kelly. With the latter taking care of the meal, Jasmin and Thibaut start with a new starter based on roasted pumpkin. Later, they present their plate to Iris, who tastes it, then offers wine to pair. He gives them a taste of the bottle he’s thinking about, fondly recalling the time Thibaut played wine with apple juice. However, the latter is not sensitive to this anecdote. On the contrary, he refuses his mother and insults her before leaving the place.

After which Teissier finds Iris in the wine cellar. Since he honored his end of the bargain, he hopes Iris will give him the letter she found the other day. Iris claims she already got rid of him. He adds that he has no interest in revealing this and reiterates that his only goal is to restore his relationship with his family.

Later, Jimmy meets with his mother to find out how her day went. Iris admits that things are always tense with Thibaut. The situation makes him feel that he is doing everything wrong, just like when he was born. Iris says at the time she didn’t expect to have to manage everything because Mark wasn’t around often. Iris also explains to Jim that she felt like she couldn’t come back into their lives after the car accident because she felt guilty and felt like they were better off without her. Despite everything, Jimmy assures his mother that he does not want her to leave.

Jimmy then goes to the vegetable garden where Jasmine has arranged to meet him. He worries about Thibault, whom he no longer recognizes because he has become so distant. Jimmy agrees to go talk to his brother to reassure him. Jasmine suggests asking Iris to leave the institute. For Jimmy, this is beyond his power. Jasmin apologizes for such a request. He moves closer to her until Jimmy kisses her. When she kisses him back, the young man pulls away. He apologizes for his actions, then leaves…

Hortense plays Cupid

At the commissary, Hortense asks Joachim about his plans for Valentine’s Day. He confides that he has left a table for Clotilda and him in agriculture. Penelope joins their conversation, who will be alone for the first time in 15 years on February 14. She confides that she proposed a date to the boy on the app. As for Hortense, she’s still going to offer the distressed couple a romantic weekend she’s arranged for her and Mehdi. In this case, he hopes to patch up Rose and Antoine.

Later, Leticia gives Antoine the pink package she left behind. Upon opening it, the latter discovers a bag of sweets as well as a message to decode. Laetitia suspects that Rose was the sender of the package. Antoine doesn’t believe it at all.

But to be clear, Antoine pretends to give Rose the mail to call home. On the table she finds a pink box with sweets. When he asks Rose about it, she says she doesn’t know where the box came from. As Antoine leaves, Clotilde, who has been observing the whole scene, is convinced that he is the sender. Rose is very surprised because she thought they were both on the same wavelength after the breakup.

In turn, Antoine asks Suleiman to decipher the message he received. A young man reads a meeting on the beach in the afternoon. Antoine is worried because he suspects that Rose was the author of the message. However, she likes their relationship the way it is now and doesn’t want it to change.

Lionel and Jude crossed arms

At the atelier, Lionel and Judy work together on Chef Listrak’s project: namely, saving a local restaurant from bankruptcy. They compete with Salome and Anais.

Lionel and Jude present to Chef Listrac their inflation-defying food concept, with simple dishes whose recipes will be more refined than in a classic bistro, all for less than 10 euros. He particularly enjoys their revisited eggs and mayo. Even if their dish wins, they don’t believe in the feasibility of a menu under 10 euros.

Lionel and Judy try to find a solution, but they disagree. Salome and Anais offer to help brainstorm. But the couple remains deadlocked.

After class, they go for a drink at a local cafe. Lionel, who has no time to eat, asks the waiter to bring the menu. He replies that the kitchens are closed until evening.

This gave Jude the idea for their concept: a seamless service offering that would convince their suppliers to give them preferential rates. However, Lionel emphasizes that for continuous service to be profitable, the restaurant must be full all the time. Due to its location, Judy actually finds that it holds no water. But after some research on the Internet, Lionel discovers that the restaurant is located not far from an agricultural high school – exactly their target customers. Enough to give them hope for their project.

Source: Allocine

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