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Pacheco says the solution agreed with the government involves removing the compensation from parliamentarians’ paychecks

According to the president of the Senate, the government will be able to propose changes to the program, but through a bill; the end of the program for the events sector is still under discussion

BRASILIA – The president of Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), stated on Wednesday 21st that it is already certain that the government will take care of payroll reimbursement by a bill, and no longer by the provisional provision currently in progress.

According to Pacheco, the point that remains to be decided is extinction From Persian (program aimed at the humanitarian events sector after the covid-19 pandemic). The discussion, according to the president of the Senate, still depends on an agreement with the House of Representatives.

“Regarding the exemption, the political solution is made in the sense that any changes to the program will not be made through an interim measure. The government has already agreed with this premise, we have adjusted it and soon the government should announce “the measure taken to be able to remove these changes to the tax exemption from the MP. And then the government will be able to propose changes, but it will do so through a bill,” Pacheco said at a press conference Wednesday evening.

Pacheco said that “there is still a discussion on Perse, whether we should proceed with an interim measure or with a bill.” “This discussion is not yet defined and the government will discuss it with Lira and the leaders of the Chamber to arrive at a good path”, he specified.

The Senate president said the change related to tax relief for municipalities should also be removed from the interim measure and addressed in the bill.

Even on the third point of the parliamentarian, the limitation of tax compensations, so far there is no agreement, but according to Pacheco there is agreement among the presidents of the Senate on the fact that the issue could be dealt with with the provisional measure.

Pacheco met this Wednesday afternoon with ministers Fernando Haddad (Finance) and Alexandre Padilha (Institutional Relations) and with government leaders Jaques Wagner (PT-BA) and Randolfe Rodrigues (no party-AP) to try to advance the agreement involving the deputy for the reform – encumbrance.

Presidential vetoes

Pacheco clarified that “there is not yet a defined date” for the session of Congress that will consider presidential vetoes, including those regarding the payment schedule of parliamentary amendments and the veto on committee amendments.

When asked in a press interview Wednesday evening whether it would be possible to hold the session in early March, Pacheco deflected. He said that it will be necessary to “evaluate the day” and that this will happen “as quickly as possible”.

“We will make this assessment, especially because it is necessary to ensure predictability on this budget issue. But there is no definite date yet,” he said.

OR Station/Broadcast he felt that Pacheco should not call the session for early March, as he put pressure on some MPs. The rapporteur of the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO), MP Danilo Forte (União-CE), presented a request to force Pacheco to convene a joint session of the National Congress in the first week of March.

MG debt

The president of the Senate also said that he should meet with technicians from the Ministry of Finance at the beginning of March to discuss Minas Gerais’ debt.

Pacheco said he intends to advance “a federative solution for all states,” with “a great program that can be the solution not only for Minas, but for all states.”

“Today I was with Haddad and the last topic I talked about was the debt in Minas Gerais. He said that he is working with great dedication to be able to solve this problem and that he has already advanced studies on the situation in Minas Gerais and also in other states. I will meet the technical team of the Ministry of Finance in early March and invite the president of the Minas Assembly and governor Romeu Zema to discuss,” Pacheco said.

Source: Terra

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