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Un Si Grand Soleil: “It’s definitely going to be Louis’ descent into hell,” reveals Sylvain Bocara

The trouble is just beginning for Louis (Sylvain Bocara) in Un si grand soleil!

While the young man has been cheating on Kira (Colin Ramos-Pinto) with Flor (Emmanuel Bouaziz) for several days. And as is often the case in Un si grand soleil, autumn is in dire straits.

As the truth unfolds, Sylvain Bocara, Louis’ translator, spoke to Alocine about what lies ahead for her character in the next episodes of the daily soap opera France 2. And suffice it to say, Louis is preparing for a difficult life. days.

Allocine: After an absence of several weeks, Louis returned to Un Si Grand Soleil with a more grown-up side. Are you enjoying playing this new side of your character?

Sylvain Bokara : Yes. The character has grown and this opens him up to new interactions with other old characters. And then along with that conspiracy is the concept of lying. He was quite rich.

One of the big surprises of the last few days is, of course, Louis’ betrayal. What was your reaction to reading the script and finding out that your character was going to have an affair with an older woman?

At first I found this surprising, but I quickly discovered some interesting points.

How was filming with Emmanuel Bouaziz, Flore’s translator? And how did you approach this plot, as well as the nudity scenes?

It was really cool that Gloria, the first director we shot with, called us to explain what she wanted to do. You should know that our first scene was a naked scene. We met on the set, we were in robes and we held hands. It was quite disturbing to play the first scenes like that (laughs). But because there was kindness and support from the whole team, it was really nice. We were comfortable and we paid a lot of attention to each other. It was cool.

If this story did not have a future, we are left with the impression that Louis Flore will fall in love. it is so ?

Luis Florey falls in love.

Will he continue to hide this story from those around him?

It’s hard to cheat in the long run. I’m afraid he plays too many different tables there. It’s bound to err on the one side, whether it’s her parents, Kira, or Flora. Unfortunately, Louis is caught in a lie.

Louis pretended to be a student of history. How will Flor react when she learns that Louis is actually a high school student?

Louis is madly in love with her, while this is not the case at all with Flora, who is just trying to get away. Lying won’t help him at all. He will end up being more embarrassed about this relationship than anything else. It will definitely be a descent into hell for Louis. Karma exists (laughs).

How will Thiago (Félicien Araud) react when he finds out that Louis is dating his mother?

There is a phenomenon that occurs frequently in middle and high schools: gossip. And unfortunately, when rumors about your mother start to spread, you can break down very quickly. As a result, it will react badly.

Is Luis and Tiago’s friendship impossible now?

Things are going pretty bad at the moment (laughs). Despite everything, Louis will try to calm the situation.

I imagine that Mark (Cesar Merrick) and Leonor (Maeva Pascual) eventually discovers that Louis is cheating on Kira with an older woman. What will be their reaction?

In the end, they are the most kind in this matter. They will really try to understand. Even if at one point they feel like they are out of control and that they can’t do anything anymore, they are the ones who manage to pull it off when things go wrong.

Louis is currently a waiter at 101 and we can tell he loves it there. Is this something he will continue to do?

It’s a small job. The idea is to let go of high school and youth image. I get the impression that he is a little lost on the future.

Do you have any other projects besides Un si grand soleil that you want to talk about?

I’m in a music band, Fürtybia. We will publish the second project in March. We are really looking forward to it. It is an alternative rap with accordion and acoustic music.

Such sunshine made me want to shoot short films. I am looking for a production company for an activism project.

In addition, I am responsible for the sound design for the Japanese play. I’m going to participate in the next creation, which is Rakugo, which is a cross between a one-person show and a traditional Japanese fairy tale.

Source: Allocine

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