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Les Pennac(s) on France 3: Bad news for fans of detective series!

Two years after their first investigation, Les Penac(s) returned this month for six new cases, the last two of which were to be discovered yesterday, Tuesday, February 27, in France 3.

Father and daughter investigate

Penak(s). To recall, the story of Hannibal (Christian Routh), an absent father and grandfather, who wants to right the wrongs, and his daughter Annabelle (Julie-Anne Roth), who blames him for all the problems, especially her dyslexia, which she tries her best to hide.

One day, the police captain is entrusted to lead the investigative unit in the city where his father was also a police officer. Lacking enough personnel, the police decide to call in the reservists, including… Hannibal. The pensioner takes the opportunity to involve herself in each of her daughter’s investigations. A lively meeting awaits father and son, especially since both have their own method.

The success of the audience was confirmed by the first season

In terms of audience, if the first season of the detective series was a success, it still falls short of the success that the pilot episode met. On January 18, 2022, a TV movie called “Un resemblance de famille” attracted 4.1 million people, or 19.1% of the public, to the screens that evening.

Since mid-February, the six episodes of the first season have attracted between 3 and 3.65 million people, or a market share of between 16.6 and 18.4%. The scores allow France 3 to fluctuate between first and second place in the audience.

Nevertheless, the interest is confirmed repetition : About 480,000 additional people caught the first two episodes in the week after they aired.

There is no second season for Penaks!

What prompts France 3 to order a new season? Not so! contacted Télé-LoisirsThe management of the channel announced the end of the series after one season.

France 3 justifies this decision with the success of other pilot episodes that have recently been broadcast, as well as the success of fiction identified by its audience, such as Alex Hugo, Le voyageur, or even Poulets grills. After that, “We just had to make a choice”“, the public service explains.

So Pennac fans will have to content themselves with all the episodes of the series that are available repetition Online on france.tv, I didn’t know, one day, what cliffhanger From the end of the last episode…

Source: Allocine

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