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Tabata and Boulos will share the spotlight during a Lula government event in SP this 4th

The pre-candidates for mayor of São Paulo, MP Guilherme Boulos (PSOL) and MP Tabata Amaral (PSB) will share the platform in an event hosted by the government of President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva this Wednesday 3, in Praça da República, Central region. Opponents in this year’s municipal elections, the parliamentarians will participate in the launch of the Pé-de-Meia Program with the Minister of Education, Camilo Santana (PT).

The federal government’s initiative will provide a financial incentive to high school students with the aim of promoting retention and completion of studies. The bill that gave rise to the program was introduced by Tabata in 2021. On social media, the congresswoman posts videos about the “high school scholarship” as part of her campaign strategy to make herself better known to the electorate of the capital.

Recent research shows that the PSB pre-candidate is still poorly understood. According to the latest Datafolha survey, 47% of São Paulo residents don’t know Tabata, and another 23% know it just by hearing about it. She has 8% voting intentions, coming third in the poll published at the beginning of March.

With the support of President Lula, Boulos attended federal government events in the capital of São Paulo to strengthen his candidacy. In addition to the launch of Pé-de-Meia, the PSOL pre-candidate is expected to participate in other education events promoted by the PT administration during this semester – such as the announcement of the construction of federal institutes in suburban neighborhoods.

Boulos figures in first place in the latest Datafolha poll, with 30% of voting intentions. Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB) appears immediately after, with 29%. Technically the two are tied. Tabata, in turn, is in technical parity with Novo’s pre-candidate, Marina Helena, who obtained 7%.

The electoral clash between Tabata and Boulos in the first round of the municipal elections marks a change – at least for now – of the alliance that guaranteed Lula’s victory in 2022. That year, the PT and the PSB, of vice-president Geraldo Alckmin, were on the same side. This year Lula is expected to play a leading role in Boulos’ campaign, arriving in the capital to help his ally. Alckmin, for his part, will participate in Tabata’s campaign.

However, behind the scenes, there is a perception that Alckmin’s contribution to the São Paulo elections will be discreet. Earlier this year, the vice president virtually participated in the launch of Tabata’s pre-campaign in the south zone, justifying his absence with commitments in Brasilia. However, at the end of the day, he arrived in the capital of São Paulo and participated in the event celebrating the 90th anniversary of the University of São Paulo (USP).

Source: Terra

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