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10 seasons, 218 episodes and tons of fans: will this iconic series soon return with the original stars?

He already talked about it earlier, Michael Rosenbaum, who played the legendary Lex Luthor in the cult series Smallville, is still working on the sequel, along with Tom Welling himself. But beware, we’re talking about an animated sequel they expect to pitch to DC when the time comes. The problem is really timing: with so many changes at DC Studios, they’re waiting for the right moment.

Almost 15 years have passed since then Smallville ended its run on the CW. However, in an era of revived series and other reboots, many wondered if the show could ever reach that level.

Michael RosenbaumHe’s still excited about the potential for an animated sequel to the series that made him famous, a sequel that could explore the history of comics Smallville season 11 from DC Comics (which already tells the rest of the show), but this time in animated format, potentially long-term.

Original creators and actors involved

During an exclusive interview with ScreenRant, the actor was asked about the project he and Tom Welling They’re developing alongside the creators of the original series, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar – to whom we also owe The Last (and excellent) Wednesday. He emphasized that it is “Great idea“But what must happen”at the right time,” shares the following about the potential odds Smallville Returning as an animated series:

All I can share is that this is a great idea. We have Al and Miles, the creators of Smallville, supporting us. When the time is right, we want to go out and do it, bring it to Warner Bros. It has to be the right time and this is not the right time. We had a strike, we had a change in management at DC – one of them was one of my best friends in the world, James Gunn. When the time is right, I think it’s something that goes without saying unless they have other ideas. We would love to do it – every actor would love to do it. They would be voicing their own character from the show and we have an idea of ​​what the show is about.

The original actors who voiced their characters from Alfred Goff and Miles Millar Also back to production: we say yes! It remains only to wait for the “right moment”.

Meanwhile, all 10 seasons and 218 episodes of Smallville are still available to stream on Prime Video.

Source: Allocine

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