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The best movie of the week is “Fun, Light, Deep”

3 best films according to the press:

1: Typewriter and other sources of problems – 4/5

“In this way, this trilogy closes with a surprising intimacy with people of rare sensibility who, over the course of three films, have become relatives, reminding us of our humanity, friends we find hard to leave behind.” By Laurence Huo (Franceinfo Culture)

“Funny, light, deep.” By the editors (Le Point)

2nd draw: A man of a thousand faces – 3.9/5

“Neither a policeman, nor a judge, nor a psychologist, Sonia Kronlund does not try to tame the mystery as a narrator, she enhances its romantic flavor. Author Gerard Lefort (Les Inrockuptibles)

“In Over a Thousand Faces, Sonia Kronlund offers a thrilling and delightful odyssey into the disgusting mechanics of a human being who defines himself through lies.” By Laurent Cambon (aVoir-aLire.com)

2nd draw: Woven Island, Infinite Island – 3.9/5

“Machinima has the intelligence to reveal its production process and trust only in it and its conditions of existence, which allows for constant destabilization: a documentary about a video game or about survival?” By Helen Bunce (Cahiers du Cinéma)

“If the result is uneven, are the conversations in the corner of the pixel fascinating, or are the virtual relationships and feelings as strong as in the real world?” By Yannick Well (Paris Match)

3 best movies according to viewers:

1: Amal – free spirit – 4.2/5

“Sparkling film, and we’re coming for a knockout. Excellent performance by Lubna Azabal. In the tradition of pas de vaguees…” Corinne76100

“It is also an important and valuable film for maintaining secularism in public education. Author Anita L.

2nd: Borgo – 4/5

“Definitely after ‘The Girl with the Bracelet’ Desmouzoutier becomes a very big director!” by Corbett

“A brilliant prison thriller!” by Mirabelledu54

3rd: Laroy – 3.9/5

“Wow, what a western, an explosive mix of comedy, tragedy, in short, all the ingredients of a ‘modern’ film. First, the script is wonderful, worthy of the Coen brothers, in whose footsteps the director visibly followed. .” by Islander29

“LaRoy amazes with his fine balance between humor and drama.” T. M.

* According to AlloCiné’s barometer notes, as of Friday, April 19, 2024, for films that opened in theaters on April 17 with at least 10 reviews for best press and 50 ratings for best audiences. These two tops do not include films that have already been released in France one or more times.

Source: Allocine

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