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CRAZY on FILMO: One of Jean-Marc Vallee’s best films available exclusively

Quebec film CRAZY opens July 1st exclusively on FILMO. Set over twenty years, this drama by Jean-Marc Vallée follows the relationship between a traditionalist father and his son who discover his homosexuality.

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On December 25, 1960, the Beaulieu family celebrated the birth of Zach, the 4th boy of five siblings. As a child, he developed a special relationship with his father, Gervais. But when Zack shows the first signs of his homosexuality, the relationship is strained and the traditional and Catholic family enters a crisis.

Through a long mural of more than 20 years, Jean-Marc Vallée with CRAZY offers us a bittersweet chronicle of this admittedly ordinary house, but imbued with unique love. More than 16 years after it was released in French cinemas, audiences can finally discover this drama Exclusively on FILMO.

A disturbing search for yourself

In this conformist family, Zack finds his burdens turning into real discomfort. When she realizes his difference, she sees him as a flaw, prays every night for his cure and forces himself to date girls. Searching for his place among his stealthy, intellectual, or athletic big brothers, Zack is searching for his father’s approval as much as his own identity.

CRAZY gives music a big role, especially in Zack’s emancipation. The special soundtrack of the film allows us to better immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the 1960s and 70s. To name a few, we find titles by David Bowie, Pink Floyd or the Rolling Stones, as well as Charles Aznour, entitled Hier Encore, which the father of the family sings every Christmas without exception.

Finally, Patsy Cline’s iconic Crazy lends its title to the film, which is an acronym for the names of the Beaulieu family boys: Christian, Raymond, Antoine, Zack and Ivan.

recognized success

In the casting we find Marc-Andre Grondin (The First Day of Your Life) who is simply stunning in the skin of Zach. Her father is played by Michel Côté (Omerta). The family is rounded out by Danielle Proulx as the silent and loving mother, as well as Pierre-Luc Brillant, Maxime Tremblay and Alex Gravel as the grown-up versions of the three big brothers.

A real hit in Canada, the film is hailed there as a picture that perfectly captures the era and its generational conflicts. CRAZY won several prestigious awards such as Best Canadian Film at the Toronto International Film Festival and won 11 awards at the Genie Awards, a landmark Canadian ceremony.

Themes of exclusion and difference have always been dear to Jean-Marc Vallée, with films such as Café de Flore and Dallas Buyers Club. When the latter was released in 2013, it achieved international recognition, with 6 Oscar nominations and winning 3 statues. Passed away at the end of 2021, the director still leaves a touching display of family love with CRAZY.

Heartfelt and poignant, CRAZY is now available exclusively on FILMO.

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