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Are you done with Assunta on Netflix? These 4 other series will make you happy

Number 2 most viewed on Netflix, The Asunta Affair ranks My Little Deer as the most successful series on the platform so far. Based on a true story that caused great emotion in Spain, this 6-episode fiction is part of the true crime genre, which is very popular among the platform’s subscribers.

Fans of sordid stories, true crimes and other gruesome news seem to have responded to the Spanish series, which receives a rating of 3.4 out of 5 from AlloCiné audience members.

What is Assunta’s business?

Created by Ramon Campos (to whom we owe Young Ladies on the Phones), The Asunta Affair recalls the murder of Asunta Bastera in 2013, one of the most brutal cases to happen in Spain and which moved the entire country.

This twelve-year-old girl from China was allegedly killed by her adoptive parents, Rosario Porto and Alfonso Bastera, a well-respected couple in the community. This sordid story made headlines, especially during the highly publicized trial.

Over the course of six episodes, the series, starring Candela Peña (All About My Mother, Hiero) and Tristan Ulloa (Warrior Nun, Berlin), recalls the tragic events, the past of the couple and Assunta, and the trial. , while giving food to think about the crime of the two heroes.

Did you like Assunta’s case? Then you will like…

In the series The Case of Assunta, Ramon Campos highlights the disgusting story that shook all of Spain. Fans of true crime, fiction, and current events documentaries have responded to this charming mini-series that plays hard on suspense, asks a lot of questions, and is unsettling in its relentless coldness.

If you liked The Asunta Affair and have already finished the series, you can devour many movies and documentaries in the Netflix catalog, but you can also discover 4 other fictions of the same genre, based on news and other stories. Scary real-life cases and which are also mini-series that you can quickly enjoy.

Devoured by Flames (Available on Netflix)

Written by Laura Sarmiento and directed by Jorge Torrego and Laura Maña, with Ursula Corbero, Quim Gutierrez and José Manuel Poga.

May 2017. The charred remains of police officer Pedro are found in a burnt-out car in the Foix Reservoir in Barcelona. The discovery quickly arouses public interest, especially when the investigation begins to reveal toxic relationships, lies, violence and sex scandals with Pedro and two other police officers: his partner Rosa and the latter’s ex-boyfriend Albert. The series is based on the true story of Rosa Peral and the “Municipal Police Crime” case.

Unbelievable (Available on Netflix)

Created by Susanna Grant with Caitlin Dever, Toni Collette and Merritt Weaver.

The true story of Marie, a teenager accused by her relatives and investigators of lying about being raped by an intruder in her home. Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away, detectives Grace Rasmussen and Karen Duvall meet while investigating two eerily similar rapes and team up to catch a potential serial killer.

In Their Eyes (Available on Netflix)

Created by Ava DuVernay with Asante Black, Calelle Harris, Ethan Herry, Jarrel Jerome and Marquis Rodriguez.

Inspired by a true story that captivated America, In Their Eyes tells the infamous case of five teenagers of color, nicknamed the “Central Park Five,” who are wrongly accused of rape.

This four-part miniseries follows five Harlem teenagers (Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Youssef Salam, Raymond Santana, and Corey Wise) over the 25 years from their interrogation after an incident in the spring of 1989, to their acquittal in 2002, and until they were paid off by New York City in 2014. damage

Laetitia (Available on Netflix)

Created by Antoine Lacombley and Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, with Marie Collomb, Sophie Breyer and Yannick Choirat.

This Franco-Belgian mini-series revisits the case of Laëtitia Perrais, far from the simple news that shook the country and highlighted a silent France prone to routine violence.

The series “The Case of Assunta” is available on Netflix.

Source: Allocine

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