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“The Asunta case”: the real father sent a letter to the producer from prison, what did it say?

The Netflix miniseries “The Asunta Case” has caught the attention of the global audience. Based on true events, the series follows the investigation into the murder of Asunta Basterra, a 12-year-old girl, in Spain in 2013. The production, starring Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa as Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra, stepparents the minor, of Chinese descent, has been praised for her portrayal of the events that followed the crime.

What not everyone may know is that Asunta Basterra’s own father sent the show’s producer a letter from prison, years before it premiered on Netflix.

“The Asunta case”: the girl’s father sent a letter to the creator of the Netflix series

In 2017, Ramón Campos, creator and producer of the Netflix series, released the documentary “The Asunta Case: Operación Nenúfar”, in which he presented unpublished material and evidence that opened the door to other theories not considered during the investigation. case.

After conducting his investigations, the producer received a letter from prison from Alfonso Basterra, Asunta’s father, in which he expressed his anger and frustration at the events that led to the death of his adopted daughter:

“In former letters I have conveyed to you the rage and fury which has been destroying and consuming me for three years. “Rage and rage at the investigator, at the prosecutor, at the private prosecution lawyers, at the media, and especially at the person who ended my daughter’s life.”

He also revealed his decision to follow a path of forgiveness, a decision he made after much reflection:

“I have understood that forgiveness is my path. The only possible way to stay on my path and overcome this great challenge that fate has given me […] I can’t go into fits of rage like the ones I’ve experienced before. […] What I really want is to sit in a coffee shop with them and discuss, if they want, what this trial was.”

In addition, Alfonso Basterra spoke about his plans for when he will leave prison: “When I regain my freedom, I have the firm intention to disappear, no one will hear from me again, not even Rosario Porto [quien seguía viva en ese entonces]”.

Finally, Asunta Basterra’s father asked the creator of ‘The Asunta Case’ to “uncork a bottle of cava and toast with his family” when he learns of her death, since “only then will he know that I have found my happiness again ». .

At all times, the father of the finished little girl denied his guilt and expressed his desire to be “reunited with his daughter.”

“The Asunta case”: what happened to Alfonso Basterra, the girl’s father?

Alfonso Basterra, Asunta Basterra’s father, continues to serve an 18-year prison sentence since 2015. He is currently held in Teixeiro prison, where he continues to pay for his actions.

On the other hand, Rosario Porto, Asuda’s mother, could not bear the weight of her sentence. On November 18, 2020, while serving his sentence in Brieva Prison, Ávila, he decided to end his life. This tragic outcome was not unexpected, as Porto had attempted suicide on other previous occasions.

What do you think of the letter that Alfonso Basterra sent to the producer of “The Asunta Case”? Let us know in the comments if you’ve already seen the Netflix series and what you thought.

Source: univision

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