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Un Si Grand Soleil Preview: Wednesday May 1, 2024 episode recap [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Un Si Grand Soleil airing tomorrow night on France 2! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

On Wednesday 1 May at Un si grand soleil…

Tais and Arno kiss

Thanks to DNA found in Agera’s home, Montpellier police are now convinced they are dealing with the same gang of thieves. Now it remains to find out who this DNA belongs to. Meanwhile, the seals of the House of Agera will be removed.

In turn, Commissioner Becker, Prosecutor Picard, and Captain Leon assess the investigation. An opportunity for Manu to share his doubts with them. In fact, the police are sure that the thieves were tipped off by a relative. As this investigation is now a priority, Commissioner Becker will have the files of Nimm, Alles and La Grande Motte repatriated to compare all the cases.

At BGL, Florent is not in the best shape. As Philip was one of her clients and Anna was her ex, Johanna understands how much this whole story is affecting her. Florent then admits that he finds it all deeply disgusting and unfair. While Johanna tries to find out what the other victims’ lawyers have told her, Florent explains that there was no physical violence during the previous robbery, unlike Philip. He is also thinking of contacting the press to put pressure on the police.

Not far from there, Manu begins a neighborhood investigation, while Alex looks at surveillance footage from near Agera’s house.

At the same time, Florenti calls Mark Moore and tells him that he is unhappy with the police’s handling of the kidnapping cases at the house.

On the other hand, Annie and Arno return home. It is a particularly difficult moment because the house is standing upside down. Without waiting, Annie and Arno start tidying the living room. Coming across a photo of her and her husband, Anna breaks down and bursts into tears.

At the end of the day, Tais goes to Arno’s house. The latter gives him a bag containing his father’s game. Uncomfortable, the young woman refuses, but Arno reminds her that her father wanted her to come back to him. Tice thinks about Philip again and then takes it.

At the police station, Alex informs Manu that he saw a van parked behind Agera’s house. This is the same model seen in the previous house jacking. Unsurprisingly, the van was stolen, making it a new lead for the police.

As night falls, Arno thanks Thais for coming. As he is on the verge of tears, Thais offers to stay with him, but the young man refuses. Then he takes her by the hand and kisses her.

Allen leaves the hospital

At the hospital, Janet informs Elizabeth that she has given Allen final recommendations for recovery. Relieved, the businessman thanks him and explains that he intends to forgive Allen. If Janet is happy to hear this, it at least reminds her that Allen can relapse if he’s even the slightest bit stressed. Elizabeth then goes to Allen’s room. And they leave the hospital hand in hand.

Meanwhile, Boris uses his time with his sister to ask her about the atmosphere at home. So the young woman tells him that their mother is coming home this weekend. While he tries to figure out why she’s staying with them, Lauryn just reminds him that it’s in her best interest. When he urges his brother to reconcile with them, Boris categorically refuses.

Not far away, Elizabeth is tending to Allen, who thanks him for returning pieces of his heart. A businessman leaves to go to work.

Arriving at L. Cosmétiques, Élisabeth congratulates Bertier on his work in his absence. Boris, who is present, takes the opportunity to tell her how worried he is about everything that happened to Allen. Although Elizabeth points out that she has nothing to do with it, Boris, on the contrary, believes that all this would never have happened if his parents had not fought a merciless war. But for Elizabeth, we don’t choose our parents.

In turn, Claudine informs Francois that she spoke to Élisabeth on the phone earlier in the week and that she is still very angry with him. If he insists that his wife be appointed as deputy general manager, Elisabeth will refuse to be appointed as group general manager. However, François is not interested at all and claims that he has a stronger back than him.

Catherine has a drink at Les Sauvages with Alix and the discussion quickly turns to Elizabeth. And suffice it to say, Françoise’s wife has no qualms about stabbing her friend in the back. She then confides how happy she is with her husband before telling him about her torrid sex life. And given the intensity of their relationship, Catherine is sure she doesn’t have the energy to look elsewhere.

At the end of the day, Élisabeth meets Boris in his office and tells him that she is looking for an ally to thwart Francois’ plans to save jobs at L. Cosmétiques. Boris smiles.

Source: Allocine

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