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Gerard Depardieu case: the actor will soon be tried for sexual assault

Already accused of raping and sexually assaulting actress Charlotte Arnoul since December 2020, Gerard Depardieu was taken into police custody this Monday, April 29, in connection with allegations made by three women.

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Among them the decorator of Volets vertes, a film by Jean Becker, released in August 2022, who filed a complaint last February for sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexist outrage. Facts that date back to 2021, during filming, and for which the actor will be tried in October.

“It’s a relief”responded to AFP, the plaintiff’s lawyer, who is also representing the woman, who denounces the actions committed in 2014, but which is threatened by the statute of limitations. “Of course, there are other victims. At this point, approximately twenty-five women have come forward with allegations that range from contempt to sexist violence, including harassment or sexual assault. It’s time for ‘her to be tried.’

“When movie producers hire Depardieu for a movie, they know they’re hiring an aggressor”

revealed in the article media partyReporting another complaint made by an assistant director, the facts were confirmed by Anouk Greenberg, one of his partners in Les Volets vertes: “When movie producers hire Depardieu for a movie, they know they’re hiring an aggressor”He told AFP afterwards.

condemns A “Lynch” and posing as a victim “Media Court”Gerard Depardieu denied the allegations in an open letter that was published Le Figaro : “I can no longer agree with what I hear and read about myself for several months”He wrote then. “I thought I didn’t care, but no, not really. It’s all about me. Worse, it’s stopping me.”

Neither the actor nor his attorney have yet responded to the announcement of the October trial.

Source: Allocine

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