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‘Baby Reindeer’: What diseases does Martha have that make her act like this? The psychologist answers

In mid-April, Netflix premiered its new miniseries “Baby Reindeer,” which is based on a true story of molestation experienced by Scotsman Richard Gadd, who also wrote the production’s screenplay and played himself under character of Donny Dunn.

Martha from ‘Baby Reindeer’: Psychologist uncovers the illnesses behind her behavior

The story follows the life of an ordinary man with ambitions to become a comedian who works as a barman in a pub in London. His life takes an unexpected turn when he begins to be harassed by a woman named Martha Scott.

What starts as an innocent conversation after Donnie offers her a cup of tea soon turns into persistent harassment from Martha that lasts four and a half years. As the story progresses, she begins to make sexual advances and exhibit increasingly obsessive behavior, to the point where she waits for him outside her home.

Although she claims to be a lawyer, Martha exhibits erratic behavior such as giving Donnie gifts, proposing an awkward relationship, following him obsessively, hitting on her partners, and even bothering her relatives after being rejected.

Although the show never directly exposes it, all of these actions suggest that Martha could be quietly dealing with some sort of mental disorder. Psychologist Avigail Lev analyzed Martha’s behavior throughout the plot to make an informal diagnosis.

What is the erotomania and borderline personality disorder Martha suffers from in ‘Reindeer Baby’?

In an interview with the “Today” portal, he revealed that Martha Scott suffers from two diseases: erotomania and borderline personality disorder.

The first refers to a type of delusional disorder where the person suffering from it believes that another person is in love with them, regardless of evidence to the contrary. This would make sense in “Baby Reindeer,” since even though Donny tells her multiple times that they’re just friends, she firmly believes that the romantic interest is mutual.

“Erotomania can manifest itself in various behaviors such as obsessive actions, stalking and writing letters or messages to the person they believe they are in love with.”

Psychologist Lev also states that Martha shows signs of borderline personality disorder, which, according to the Mayo Clinic, is a mental illness that affects one’s perception of oneself and that of others. Sufferers experience an intense fear of abandonment, which can lead to mood swings and anger.

“Not only is she positively obsessed with Donnie, but her behavior towards him includes a split: idealizing him one moment and belittling him the next,” he says. “This black-and-white, all-or-nothing thinking allows you to go from adoration to hostility very quickly, characteristic of borderline personality disorder.”

In many cases it appears that Martha was unable to control her emotions and impulses, which is consistent with the diagnosis.

What do you think about Martha’s mental illness? Tell us in the comments.

Source: univision

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