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It’s one of Pixar’s best movies, but without this little change at the last minute, it could have been a complete failure.

The fifth animated feature from the prestigious Pixar studio, directed by Andrew Stanton in 2003, Finding Nemo quickly won over audiences around the world from its unforgettable opening scene.

In this moving first sequence, which had us a little teary-eyed five minutes after the cinema lights went down, Marin and Coralie, a young couple of clownfish, move into their anemone. But after being attacked by a monstrous barracuda, Corey and her eggs were eaten, leaving Marin alone with her last child: baby Nemo.

“Let me try something.”

Heartbreaking but necessary to fuel the film’s emotional power, this scene almost never appeared at the beginning of the feature film. Indeed, as host Jason Deemer recently revealed UNILAD at the microphone :

“Initially we discovered it Through flashbacks. We all went to the last screening before the movie ended and we all left the theater thinking we had just seen our first bad movie. We were a little nervous and Lee Unkrich said, “Let me try something.” He took all these flashbacks and put them in the beginning.”

“Marin was an overprotective and annoying character.”

A Pixar artist explains that this simple editing change allowed the film to find its power and, above all, to give the audience a better understanding of Marin’s character:

“That I didn’t know from the beginning Marin was an overprotective and irritating character.Jason Deemer said.

“It was the same footage, we didn’t animate anything new. Just realized the community early. I know it’s heartbreaking, but otherwise we couldn’t understand Marin’s overly protective behavior.”

What is your favorite scene from Finding Nemo?

(Re)discover all the hidden details of the movieā€¦

Source: Allocine

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