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Trailer Man on the Run: After 12th Night, Bastien Bouillon returns in an intense thriller against Leah Drucker.

Opening this April at the Reims Polar International Crime Film Festival, the thriller A Man on the Run hires Bastien Bouillon and Léa Drucker. In theaters May 8, it’s the ambitious first feature for director Baptiste Debroux, which he wrote specifically for the cast of La Nuit du 12.

“I wrote the film for Bastien. A few years ago, I already had a project that did not materialize, where he was supposed to play the main role. But I knew I would write another film for him. It was obvious to me. She has such depth in her eyes… her intensity and complexity in the image unfolds instantly.” he explains.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the director decided to show the talent of Bastien Bouillon through the thriller.

The feature film takes place in Rochebrune, a fictional city on the brink of chaos. John, the leader of the protest movement, disappeared after the van was robbed. When Paul Ligre hears the story, he returns to the town where he grew up to find his childhood friend in front of the police. However, Anna Werner’s investigation inevitably leads her to a mystery that unites Paul and John…

Léa Drucker and Bastien Bouillon are joined on screen by Pierre Lottin, who has already shared a poster with the 38-year-old actor in La Nuit du 12, and Marion Barbeau, who is returning to a film role for the first time since En. Corpus by Cedric Klapisch. The cast includes Theo Navarro-Muss (Hippocrates), Anne Consin (Les Revenants) and Philippe Frecon.

The soundtrack of the film was composed by the members of the group Feu! Chatterton, but without their singer Arthur. “In France, bands don’t often have the opportunity to do film music, especially due to budget constraints, and we really liked the script, which was reminiscent of Ken Loach’s cinema.” They emphasize.

Man on the Run will be released in French cinemas on May 8.

Source: Allocine

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