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A Better Life Preview: What’s in store for Friday 3 May 2024 Episode 85 [SPOILERS]

WARNING, THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THE EPISODE OF Plus belle la vie, even plus belle, which airs Friday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read the following!

Friday May 3 in a more beautiful life, even more beautiful…

Is Jennifer in love with Samuel?

Early in the morning, Jennifer takes advantage of Samuel going to the bakery to tidy up. When he returns, he finds that his apartment is finally in order. Jennifer explains that she’s not used to messes and she was just too busy to clean up.

In the doctor’s office, Jennifer is still in her thoughts. Leah asks if everything is okay, and the secretary replies that she spent the night with Samuel. He wonders if she wants a one-night stand or if he has feelings for her. Leah advises him to go home and most importantly, stop asking questions.

Back at Samuel’s house, Jennifer suggests they go to a restaurant for dinner. The latter is embarrassed, telling him that he is not looking for a serious relationship because his last affair ended badly and he does not want to start over. Jennifer tells him that’s what she wants. Is he really telling the truth?

Luna makes a discovery about Vanessa

At Kepler’s house, Ulysses asks his mother how she is feeling at the moment, and she replies that everything is fine. He wants to know why she is so adamant about buying the flower pavilion, but Vanessa refuses to talk about it.

During the discussion, Ulysses tells his mother that he wants to know more about his past, because he never talks about it: “We also need to know where we come from”. It was then that Vanessa admitted that she was at school with Blanche and that it was a very difficult time for her.

Vanessa confides in her son: “When I was a child, I was poor and ashamed (…) one of the hardest things you can inflict on someone is humiliation, and I was very humiliated as a child. He also reveals that buying a flower pavilion can help him get ahead.

Later, Ulysses meets Blanche on the terrace of Bar Le Mistral. He asks her to give up the flower pavilion. Surprised, Blanche asks for an explanation, and he replies: “I realized today that buying this place is vital to him.” He adds that he has never seen his mother in this condition. Blanche agrees to make this ultimate sacrifice.

Blanche, Luna and Eric go to the old brothel one last time. By giving up this symbolic place, Blanche feels she is betraying Rose, the woman who wrote the diary. Luna asks her friend to borrow a book. Looking through it quickly, he comes across an old photo with “Rose Lantier” written on the back. Could there be a connection to Corinne Lantier aka Vanessa Kepler?

Kilian is in pretrial detention

Patrick joins Jean-Paul on the Gorge au Loup hill. To this day, there is no sign of Betty Solano. Jean-Paul informs his colleague that he does not really appreciate Ariane’s working methods, as he is convinced that Killian is a suspect, even though there is still no official proof. Suddenly, the police grab an object: it’s a photo of Killian and Betty.

Returning to the Mistral police station, Ariane goes to Killian’s cell and shouts with great conviction: “When we lie, it’s because we have something to hide”. Meilin arrives and informs Ariane that she has nothing to do here. He takes the opportunity to introduce him to Maître Guillemette Izar, the lawyer who will defend the young man. The latter is very well known in his field.

On the other hand, Aya informs her brother that she has been summoned to the police this Monday. He also tells Javad that he is stressed because he got rid of the knife he found in the kitchen. Angry at his little sister, Javad exclaims: “If the cops find out, you’ll be complicit.”

Later, Mayline informs her colleagues that the judge has decided to remand Killian tonight. Ariane is pleased with this decision, but Jean-Paul less so. He says : “I find it hard to believe that a twenty-year-old can do all this alone”. Against all expectations, the commissioner seems to agree with him.

Aya carefully goes to the place where she threw Barbara’s kitchen knife. A young woman seems to want to restore it, she discovers that workers have blocked the pool to repair it. He leaves more anxious than ever.

At the end of the day, Aya and Toma go to the police station. They are waiting to arrest Killian. Suddenly he comes out in handcuffs. Thomas screams his name, and Aya hugs her friend. Before leaving, Killian looks at Aya and confesses his feelings to her: “I love you”. Is he really innocent? Answer in the following episodes of the day.

Source: Allocine

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