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Mega-Sena 2720: the R$ 28 million draw will take place this Thursday (2)

A Mega-Sena 2720 will be drawn this Thursday (2) with a cumulative prize of R$ 28 million awaiting the next winner who will match the six lucky numbers.

The Caixa Econômica Federal event will begin at 8pm (Brasilia time).

To bet, you can register your numbers via Online Lotteries or at Caixa physical branches. Bets can be placed until 7pm today (Thursday 2nd) for those wanting to try their luck at the last minute.

In the last competition, Mega-Sena 2719, held on Tuesday (30), 39 bets across Brazil matched five numbers drawn and each of them won around R$45,500.

The numbers drawn were: 16 – 25 – 27 – 30 – 42 – 48.

Since no one matched the six numbers in the last draw, the prize increased to R$28 million Mega-Sena 2720 of today.

Latest Mega-Sena results

Follow the results of the latest draws and the numbers that are drawn the most in Mega-Sena:

How to bet on Mega-Sena 2720?

You The Mega-Sena equalises They take place at regular times, at 8pm, at the Espaço da Sorte, in San Paolo, SP. Bets can be placed until 7pm (Brasilia time) this Thursday (2) via the Loterias Caixa website or app. You can also purchase your ticket at lottery outlets throughout Brazil.

A Mega-Sena minimum bet 2720 it is R$5.00.

Betting on the Mega-Sena jackpot

For those who prefer to bet in groups and with larger volumes, the official Caixa prize pool It is also an option that increases your chances of winning.

On the Mega betting wheel there is a specific field for this type of bet, with a minimum odds of R$ 15.00 on Mega-Sena and each minimum odds of R$ 6.00. The pool can have from two to 100 odds, with a maximum of 10 bets per pool, with the same number of numbers.

This text is not a recommendation to bet on lotteries, such as Mega-Sena 2720.

Source: Terra

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