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It All Begins Here: What’s in store for Thursday, May 2, 2024 Episode 917 [SPOILERS]

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for It All Begins tomorrow night on TF1! If you’d rather know nothing, go ahead.

On Thursday, May 2, everything starts here…

Will Cardone be elected as the director of the institute?

At the institute, Teissier refuses to hire Cardon as head of the institute. Unfortunately, he is the only one who can pay BleuprĂ©’s debts from the fire by paying the necessary sums that the bank demands today. Teissier suspects his rival Auguste Armand of sinking the school. He reminds his colleagues that he is a nuisance to the students – he was recently at Pastry Days, where he terrorized Berenice. But the team of teachers is at a dead end. The survival of the institution depends on it.

In the park, the votes are spread among the students for the afternoon vote. Vicky joins Leonard, Penelope and Berenice to talk about it. Jimmy joins the conversation at a nearby table. Everyone is afraid that Cardone will be chosen as director. Indeed, they remember his behavior towards his own son Ethan, who turned out to be a disgusting cook.

In turn, Teissier criticizes Claire for asking for the worst possible candidate to save the institute. But Claire sees only one thing: that Cardone has agreed to give Louis the job he needs to take advantage of his parole. Despite everything, Teissier defends his position. It highlights Lewis’s teacher at the school of the man he killed.

Clotilda and Rose, on the other hand, will likely not be fired if Cardone is elected. But they hesitate to give him full authority. Clotilde thinks of self-defense.

A little later, the Board of Education meets at Double A. Before the vote, Clotilde communicates her terms to Cardone in exchange for her and her sister’s vote: first, that her mandate last no more than ‘A; Secondly, that every decision of his should be referred to Arman Deb. Cardon agrees to these terms.

It’s voting time: Rose, Clotilde, Claire, and Zachary vote for Cardone, and Leroy, Hortense, Stanislaus, and Olivia vote for Teissier. 4 vs. 4, so it’s up to Antoine to decide between the two candidates. The latter provides sound to the cardon. Therefore, he is officially the director of the institute.

Leaving Double A, Cardone can’t help but tease Teissier. He admits that he acted out of revenge. Indeed, she is angry at him for not doing anything to keep Ethan at the Institute, despite his pleas.

Cardone then goes to the amphitheater where the students are gathered to announce his election as director of the institute. In his speech, he stated that he had noticed a certain drop in the level of students, and therefore he was going to restore the functioning of the entire school with one death: discipline.

At home, Teissier bakes to take his mind off things, under the watchful eye of his wife. Suddenly, the chef’s hands begin to shake… Taysier falls to the ground in discomfort. Constance is asking for help…

Solal meets a new person

After leaving the institute, Solal tries in vain to convince his father to invest in the school to prevent Cardone from becoming its principal. Before leaving, Edouard Faye asks his son to do a favor and pick up a certain Thelma, the daughter of a man he is in business with, who is returning from Dubai, at the station. He also orders her to be detained for the rest of the day, as well as the next day.

Solal fails at the station. He returns to the institute and meets David at the parking lot. At the same time, Thelma enters with a car bought on impulse. A young girl then convinces two boys to go for a walk with her in the salt marsh.

There, Thelma is disappointed not to see the pink flamingo. He takes a bottle of vodka from his bag, which David and Solali refuse to taste. The latter also expresses the need to return to work. But Thelma leaves him no choice but to accompany her to the party. He hit on a couple of guys at the Dubai airport who invited him on their yacht in Port Camargue. David takes the wheel to take them there. Before leaving the swamps, Thelma gets a story for her followers.

Jasmine and Kelly met in the kitchen

With a roommate, Jasmine suggests Kelly battle a chef of her caliber to gain competitive spirit for the Coupe de France. Then Kelly will offer to face him, and Lionel will play the referee.

Later, Kelly, Malik, and Salome find Jasmine, Jim, and Thibaut in the kitchen. Lionel prepared a challenge for them: cook monkfish tails with peas, as well as eels and prawns.

During the event, Kelly’s brigade relies on a cooking problem that heightens the tension between Thibault and Jim to outrun them and win.

At the end of the test, Lionel tastes the plates of the two brigades to decide between them. Jasmine’s victory. In turn, after tasting him, Kelly admits that he is more successful than her.

Source: Allocine

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